Approaching the last hoorah but without much fanfare.

Post date: Sep 16, 2017 8:14:07 PM

The northernmost 6 rows in the middle patch (the rows north of the solar panels, are about 40% ripe with excellent blueberries. I just picked (and ate) a lot while cruising the rows on my way to latrine duty. Still a mixture of under ripe, over ripe and perfectly ripe. These bushes are the easiest to pick because they are not as unruly as the other varieties. The "back" patch (latrine side of the parking area are mostly over ripe. Still ok, skins a little tough, but fine for making wine or jelly. There are some bushes in that back patch furthest from the latrine that have late-ripening berries (green and purple on the same bush). Very wet out here. Lots of geese and cranes flying over from field to field. The geese are flight geese from more northern areas, passing through. It is goose-hunting season, so you will hear some shooting in neighboring fields in the early mornings, sometimes in the evenings. Still anticipate closing at dusk on Sunday October 8th.