2023 Picking Season: Should be a great one

(updated 8/11/2023)

We opened for picking this season 8/9/2023. The proportion of ripe berries was less than we would like, but there were enough berries to fill buckets. The rate of ripening seems to exceed the harvest at the moment, so the conditions are like opening-day picking everyday right now. The crop is abundant. Lots more to get ripe, although with time, pickers need to pick around the overripe to get the ripe ones.  Right now, if the berry is ripe, it is likely 99.99% perfect. 

It is IMPORTANT to call or check our social media (Facebook and Instagram) to get the most up-to-date information. 

Everything is the same as prior years, $2/lb, self serve, self pick, bring your own containers. 7 days, daylight hours. Bring cash in denominations that would not require change (round to the nearest dollar) or personal check or Project Fresh. 

We offer relatively easy and safe picking of naturally grown high-bush blueberries. Starting early to mid-August, berry pickers of all ages can come any time, every day that we are open, which depends on the availability of berries. 

If you have Facebook, you can participate in our farm FB site here: www.facebook.com/GierkeBlueberryFarm 

Alternatively, you can follow us on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/gierkeblueberryfarm/

We are not well versed in social media, so the updates are not professional in appearance, but functional.