The Ghost Train Logo was designed by Jeff Lane, RD of the world-famous "Nougat 100k"

Ghost Train Trail Races

October 19th & 20th, 2024

Ghost Train is New Hampshire's Original 30-Hour Ultramarathon! 

All profits from Ghost Train Trail Races go to the Conservation Commissions of Brookline and Milford N.H.  Every dollar gets put back into the trails, and returning runners can see the improvement each year.  Ghost Train has raised over $225,000 for trail improvements since 2009!

Join us for the 15th annual Ghost Train Rail Trail Race and run 7.5 miles, 15 miles, 30 miles, or 30 hours along the Granite Town Rail Trail.  

Race along the old railroad tracks that were used in the late 19th and early 20th century to ship granite from Milford and ice from Lake Potanipo in Brookline to Somerville and Cambridge, Massachusettes.  The rails themselves were removed for scrap metal during World War II, but a few of the railroad ties are still in the ground and can be seen on the trail.

The trail itself is mostly straight, flat, and well groomed with only one hill.  Approximately one mile of each 15-mile out-and-back is paved and the trail areas will be well marked.  We don't want you wandering off...  After all, the trail is haunted...  Find out more on our course page.

If you haven't gotten the impression already - we may also like Halloween.

Ghost Train is proud to be a Pride Partner with the Pride on Foot organization and an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community.  We aim to be an affirming, inviting and welcoming safe space where everyone can participate while living their authentic life.  (Wording credit to Pride on Foot)  Please also see the Ghost Train Inclusionary Statement in our Handbook.

The Basics

Are you going for a top 10 finish or setting a new distance/finishing time record?  Check out our Records page to see all the records and what you need to beat!

Please join our Facebook page for more news, info, support, and excitement! 

Race Swag is available!  Check out our Swag Page! 

There is no race day registration available for any of the Ghost Train Trail Races.

There will be no refunds or deferrals, and bibs are non-transferrable.  If you register and can't attend for any reason, please consider your entry fee to be a donation to the Conservation Commissions of Brookline and Milford to help maintain and improve the trails.  We thank you!  Runners on the waitlist would consider it kind of you to withdraw if you can't run the race so that they can then enter.

Thank You to

our Spooky Sponsors!

Ghost Train is a fundraiser organized by the Conservation Commissions of Brookline and Milford, NH.  Donations from our sponsors help the commissions maintain and improve the trails as well as keeping the cost of the race reasonable for our runners.  Please visit our sponsor page to see all our sponsors and to learn more about being a sponsor!

Conductor Level

Camp Tevya - Generously Sponsoring Ghost Train Since 2009!

Move Free - New England's Running & Outdoor Brand!

Ghost Level

The official candle provider of Ghost Train, made locally here in Milford, NH!

Lull Farm - the official sponsor of all things pumpkin at Ghost Train!

Field and Stream RV Park is a peaceful campground down the road from the start of the race - with kayak access to Lake Potanipo and an awesome bonfire pit, it's the perfect nature getaway not too far from major metros! Mention promo code GHOST for 10% off any booking in 20224!

Please visit our Sponsors Page to see all of our amazing sponsors!

Pet Policy

No dogs or pets are allowed at Camp Tevya base camp, any aid stations, or any other areas of the course.  We are sad to say this as we love all animals, but our insurance doesn't cover pet incidents and with hundreds of runners, pacers, crews, volunteers and families we would hate for there to be any mishaps between pets and people.  (And we'd hate for any pets to be eaten by random demigorgon)  

Licensed service dogs are welcomed per state and federal laws and guidelines

Open Flames Policy

Fire pits, Solo stoves, and other open flames are NOT allowed anywhere along the Ghost Train course, including the Milford DPW and Camp Tevya.  If the weather and conditions allow, the race will maintain fire pits for common use at the aid stations.  Thanks for understanding - we don't want to have a large number of fires and increase the risk of fire danger!