2017 Parking Decals

Greetings GEO members. This is usually the time of year that parking passes become a common question, so we would like to put out this quick bulletin as we have been doing each year: 

This fall, the university should be honoring our no-parking-fee history while we continue negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA). We are still operating under our existing CBA which prohibits new fees being charged to our members. If you take a copy of your signed TA/RA contract to UCAPS over in University Crossing, they should give you a student parking decal free of charge. (You may also want to take your vehicle registration with you as they require it to issue the permit.) Do not order your pass online through UCAPS as they do not offer the grad employee fee waiver through their ordering service. 

In previous years, the UCAPS employees told TAs and RAs that they may be asked to pay for their pass at a later date. That is a possibility, but it would have to be preceded by the signing and ratification of a new CBA. You would therefore be aware of whatever new parking policies were agreed upon. We're simply telling you this as a "heads up" because last year some members were put off by what they were told at UCAPS. Nevertheless, please be patient with the folks working in that office. Sometimes the first they hear of our fee waiver is when the first of you go down to get your decal, so be understanding if they need a little time to sort things out. 

Please let us know if you have any issues getting your pass by contacting  

Updated August 12, 2017

Health Insurance

Hello members. As a new year approaches, please keep in mind that full time TAs and RAs receive an 80% student health insurance waiver.  You may be billed for the full amount, but once your signed contract is processed the waiver should kick in. In the meantime, you may pay the 20% you are responsible for. 

Updated August 1, 2017

Assembly of Stewards - accepting nominations

The GEO will be organizing representatives from each department to serve as a voluntary steward. Department stewards will act as liaison between the GEO and their department to help facilitate communication and governance of the GEO. Dues-paying members of the GEO are welcome to nominate themselves. Please encourage friends in other departments to participate as well. To nominate yourself or someone else, please email and include name, student level, program and department. Nominations will remain open into the fall semester.

Updated April 23, 2017