The great purpose of genuine Taiji is the great purpose of life itself - Spiritual Evolution. Named 'Emptiness, Immortality or Enlightenment' by the Daoists and Buddhists, 'Self Realisation' by the Yogis, 'To Awaken and Merge with the Source' by the Middle Eastern Gnostics and Western Mystics. All people come on to the Earth with this purpose, but most quickly forget why they are here. Once enmeshed in the outer physical world their whole life serves merely the survival of the body (which includes the brain). The great physical and social edifices of human society, intended as forms within which humanity may evolve, become prisons. Many dream of a way out but few find the practical path to freedom.

Individual conscious perfection exists in potential as a spark within every human being. There is a pressure from within and without to develop this possibility. The forces maintaining the universe are complex and the reasons for many things in life unclear. Why do some struggle to realise their inner potential while others dissipate it through a life of ignorance, weakness and neglect? For those who sadly allow this spark to fade there is little individual hope, though their life and death still contribute to the general evolution of humankind. For those who actively choose inner growth there appears the question of the 'Path' or 'Way'.

There is a multitude of methods but only one Way. That is the internal path which steadily unfolds as a person delves deeper into their own inner world. That world is deceptive, sometimes dangerous, as the Mind perceives the inner world through its own self-created web of illusion - even delusion. Without true directions and a guide, people will almost certainly go astray. Only a fool would feel capable of guiding others on this individual internal path. It is obligation to those beyond me, not choice, which is behind what is offered here.

Please note: there are 3 types of Taiji you may encounter.

- There is genuine traditional Taiji where students progress through a long serious training, which produces true inner evolution, a deep well being and some ability at self-defense based on internal refinement rather than external strength and speed. The sublime experience of the past great practitioners is passed down, which requires effort from both students and teachers. The instructors have themselves been through such long training previously with their genuine teachers.

- Secondly there is "healing" Taiji where people practice lightly to feel outwardly better and recover from the pressure of work and daily life. There is some external value in this but it does not lead to internal refinement.

- Thirdly you may also see "gymnastic" Taiji where all esoteric training is scorned and either beautiful "wushu" movements or rough fighting movements are trained, perhaps with silk uniforms, sometimes for competition. These last 2 methods are typically taught merely as a means of making a living. The lightly trained instructors, easily create new movements and systems which propogate their own simple ideas. These methods may increase attachment to and identification with the body (consolidating the ego). This is a long way from the great purpose of the deep and subtle art of true Taiji.

I suggest you think twice before investing your time in these last 2 - ask yourself what is really important in your life, then stay true to that and make your choice.

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