Book 2 - English - Figure 2

Dimensions based on density, during the Copper Age and Iron Age (Kaliyuga), in the Corporeal World and Holographic Universe.

NB: The QE Light or Quantum Energies' Light is the spiritual light of the quantum energies. These are lighter than the quantum energies because they have higher frequencies.

During the Copper and Iron Ages, the dark outer space is on top of the sky in the world stage since we have dropped into the Quantum World (Garbhodaka Ocean). Since the Real World is in the same space as the Unified Field, the dark Quantum World is all around the earth.

​All dimensions in the Corporeal World can be said to be part of the Holographic Universe since:

1. one can have subtle experiences anywhere in the Corporeal World, based on one's spiritual strength.

2. all energies in the Corporeal World are involved with providing the Hologram of the Real World which we live in.

Please read the book to have a better understanding of what I have said and the diagram below.