Book 1 - English - Figure 2

Figure 2 ​in the book "Holographic Universe: An Introduction":

Dimensions based on density, during the first half cycle (Golden and Silver Ages), in the Corporeal World and Holographic Universe.

​NB: In the diagram below, I have reflected the densities of the dimensions based on:

1. spiritual experiences,

2. how energies and particles become denser for the materialisation process, and

3. energy density.

Scientists say that quantum energies, in the quantum vacuum, are denser than mass. Be that as it may, in the spiritual experiences, we usually see the materialised world below us. In this book, I gave importance to the spiritual experiences and to the materialisation process. It is only in my book “The Expansion of the Universe” that I give importance to the theory that energies in the quantum vacuum are denser than mass.

Please read the books to have a better understanding of the diagram below: