Widdington Village 

 A little treasure in North Essex

Widdington village is a small picturesque village situated two miles South east 
of Newport and around five miles south of Saffron Walden.

 Widdington is a delightful village.
Winding lanes lead up from Newport to Widdington village.
The Village Green has late 18-century farm workers Cottages 
mixed with earlier stone and thatched cottages from the late 1600's
The combination of such mixed housing makes 
Widdington village a real treasure.

Please stay safe, Stay at Home.

There’s no place like home, 

There’s no place like home.

Never was so much owed by so many, to so few"

This is another Battle Of Britain. 

Fascinating story from Angie Surman,

Working at Mole Hall wildlife park back in the sixties 

Hello, Gary,

I came across your page as I was recently telling a friend about things
I had done in my life - and one of them was working at Mole Hall - must
have been sometime in the later sixties. I remember working with a young
man called David who I think may have stayed with the Johnstones for
quite a while. I was also a bit perplexed at the chimps - when I was
there, there were two young females, called Linda and Gloria - no
mention of these online, just the seemingly well known Tubman.
I unfortunately don't have any photo of my time there but I have plenty
of memories of a plethora of birds and mammals that David and I cared
for on a day to day basis. Some, of course, stick in one's memory more
than others but it was an interesting and rewarding time and a chance to
learn about a myriad of species one would not normally come across in
everyday life.

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The Transactions of the 

Essex Archaeological Society  

Rev, G. Montague Benton 

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Just found this wonderful Postcard  

A steam driven traction engine.

Early postcards provide us with an insight into old village life.

Although photography was developed from the 1850s onwards, one of our main source of early village Life scenes is unquestionably the picture postcards. 

These were popular form of communication between 1894 and the 1950s.

Britain was slower than its continual neighbours to catch on to the picture postcard.

It was not till 1894 before the old post office gave the green light.

Surprisingly there are a lot of different postcard images of our beautiful village.

I will try to add a new Picture postcard page in the New Year.

And now they want to knock it down 

Yes, Pond Mead will be knocked down soon.

And another Postcard

Pond Mead Dated 1905 

The annexed account entitled: 
The Village of Widdington, Essex

Was written in 1939, as an appendix to a History of the Hollis, Ainslic, 
Bullock, Smith, Griffiths, Murkin, and Perry Familes, and it may be well 
to preface the account by recording briefly how the four last mentioned 
families came to be associated with, or interested in, Widdington.

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The Village of Widdington, Essex

Extra-Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday 24th September, 2019 at 8.30pm

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Parish Council Meeting December, 2019

We are collecting photographs and information relating 
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