Widdington Village 

 A little treasure in North Essex

Widdington village is a small picturesque village situated two miles South east 
of Newport and around five miles south of Saffron Walden.

 Widdington is a delightful village.
Winding lanes lead up from Newport to Widdington village.
The Village Green has late 18-century farm workers Cottages 
mixed with earlier stone and thatched cottages from the late 1600's
The combination of such mixed housing makes 
Widdington village a real treasure.

Rubbish pile alight

Hollow Road, Widdington
04/04/2015 @ 20:54
Incident Number: 1113
In attendance: 2 x Saffron Walden, 1 x Stansted, 1 x Halstead (water bowser), 1 x Hose Layer (Rayleigh Weir), USAR team and equipment

Firefighters tackling five metre rubbish pile 36 hours after Widdington blaze started
Firefighters have been called to a fire in approximately 300 tonnes of mixed household waste.  Crews report 20 percent of the rubbish pile is alight. Crews are tackling the blaze using one jet. 

Update 23:35hrs: Crews are using three jets to tackle the fire and are protecting the surrounding risks using covering jets. 

Sunday April 5, update 08:20hrs: Firefighters are continuing to tackle the fire.  

Update 09:10hrs: Crews are making steady progress and plant machinery is in use to move rubbish from the pile and create a break in the fire.   The pile of rubbish is approximately five metres high and 20 percent remains alight.

The Service's USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) team are using the high volume pump to obtain water from a local source and an off road vehicle is also in use at the incident.  

Update 11:20hrs: Firefighters are using three main jets to extinguish the fire.

Update 13:15hrs: Crews are continuing to extingish the fire.  Crews are using a water shuttle to deliver water to the scene of fire.

Update 14:00hrs: Incident Commander - Divisional Officer Greg Keys reports from the scene:  "The fire broke out in the refuse and recycling site yesterday evening and crews have been tackling the fire throughout the night, and today.

Today crews have been working to create a fire break by using a mechanical digger to break-up the rubbish and stop the fire from spreading further into the 300 tonne pile.  The large pile contains a mixture of domestic waste, wood chippings and aggregate.  

"Fire crews have done an excellent job and have prevented the fire from spreading to the office buildings on site.

"This is a protracted incident and fire crews are expected to be at the incident throughout the day."

The cause of the fire is unknown at this stage, ECFRS will carry out an investigation.

Update 15:08hrs: Firefighters are making steady progress and are using four jets to dampen down.

Update 18:37hrs: Crews remain at the incident and steady progress is being made. 

Update 20:03hrs: Crews are using cooling jets and a thermal image camera.

Update 21:18hrs: Crews will remain at the incident damping down throughout out the night.

Update Monday April 6, 08:20hrs: Crews are making steady progress and using three main jets to dampen down.

Update 12:30hrs: Two fire appliances and the water bowser remain at the incident damping down.  

Update 14:30hrs: Fire crews have now left the scene. 


The Village Green 

The annexed account entitled: 
The Village of Widdington, Essex

Was written in 1939, as an appendix to a History of the Hollis, Ainslic, 
Bullock, Smith, Griffiths, Murkin, and Perry Familes, and it may be well 
to preface the account by recording briefly how the four last mentioned 
families came to be associated with, or interested in, Widdington.

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The Village of Widdington, Essex

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