Widdington Village 

 A little treasure in North Essex

Widdington village is a small picturesque village situated two miles South east 
of Newport and around five miles south of Saffron Walden.

 Widdington is a delightful village.
Winding lanes lead up from Newport to Widdington village.
The Village Green has late 18-century farm workers Cottages 
mixed with earlier stone and thatched cottages from the late 1600's
The combination of such mixed housing makes 
Widdington village a real treasure.

Hogs Trough Bridge Widdington.

There are some very strange triangular stones that have been used to build the front steps of some 
of the old Victorian houses in the High Street.
I would like to find out where these stones came from. Was it from the old bridge that was demolished 
over a 150 years ago. I know it’s been recorded that some large stones were robbed out from the 
old demolished  Hogs Trough bridge and built into the front flint wall of Brick cottage in the High street 
and wondered if these strange triangular stones were also part of that old bridge....anyone know…

My name is David Anthony Howells.

 I was born originally with the name Anthony Auer in Colchester. My mother was a 'local' at Widdington in the late 1940`s, but had originally come from Austria. Her name was Josefa Auer, previously Stanek and might have been known as Josie or Josephine to many of you at that time. Much of what I have learned about her life and her character, I owe to the accurate memories of the more mature inhabitants of Widdington.


The annexed account entitled: 
The Village of Widdington, Essex

Was written in 1939, as an appendix to a History of the Hollis, Ainslic, 
Bullock, Smith, Griffiths, Murkin, and Perry Familes, and it may be well 
to preface the account by recording briefly how the four last mentioned 
families came to be associated with, or interested in, Widdington.

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The Village of Widdington, Essex

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