Widdington Village 

 A little treasure in North Essex

Widdington village is a small picturesque village situated two miles South east 
of Newport and around five miles south of Saffron Walden.

 Widdington is a delightful village.
Winding lanes lead up from Newport to Widdington village.
The Village Green has late 18-century farm workers Cottages 
mixed with earlier stone and thatched cottages from the late 1600's
The combination of such mixed housing makes 
Widdington village a real treasure.

I would like to thank Paul Savage for this wonderful photograph.
It was taken Paul believes in 1985,,
 Can you add to the list of names.

Summer 1984-5 ( i think)

Back row (l to r): Dave Alexander ( from Rickling Gn), Anthony Gould, Paul Savage, Chris Galtress, David Selby ( landlord), Derek Green jnr ( i think), Les D, John Dew (umpire)
Front row (l to r): Peter Savage, Nigel Donnelly, Chris D, Gary Savage

The May Singers 1940s 

I would like to thank Robin Denison, for The May Singers photograph.
It was taken around 1940s Can anyone put names to the faces. 

The May Singers

Daphne Bridgeman (nee Stalley) March 1989

I was born in Widdington in 1931 and lived there until I married in 1955 but came back regularly to visit my mother until she died in 1979.  I still come to the Churchyard to see the graves of my father and mother – James Alfred Stalley and Queenie May Stalley.

…. I was one of the May Singers during the war, and shall never forget the excitement of getting up early to start the singing before we went to school, then again in the dinner break and we finished our visits to every house in the village when we came out of school.  Of course there were not so many houses then.  I don’t know what the doll in the hoop represented.  My Aunt Doris, most years, did the hoops and we made our own crossed.  These were two pieces of wood nailed together, back of which was covered with greenery.  We picked bluebells, paigles (oxlips), cowslips and cuckoos (purple orchids) and made these into small bunches which were tired to the front of the cross.  Later my brother and sister went May Singing… The song was sang went like this:

I’ve been a rambling all this night
And sometimes of this day
And now returning back again
I’ve brought you a branch of May.

A branch of May, my dear I say,
Before your door I stand
Tis but a sprout, but its well budded out
By the works of our Lords hand

The hedges and the fields so green
As green as any leaf
Our heavenly Father watered them
With his heavenly dew so sweet.

And now my song is almost done
I can no longer stay
God bless you all both great and small
I wish you a joyful May.

This is a bit different to that printed in the magazine but it’s imprinted on my mind lie the ABC and my sister remembers my version.  
We also remember the tune!

I used to live n the house next to Florus House by the Green and I think Mrs Brookman lives there now.

       Daphne Bridgeman (nee Stalley) March 1989

New housing estates.

Will village life be lost in Widdington by the threat of  the new housing estates.


Develops have now put forward proposals which would see the village expand further by listing new sites as suitable for new housing estates in the Village.

However, residents fear any more development could squeeze services to the very limit. 
Car traffic has increased tenfold over ten years with the proposal of more housing adding to the misery.

Raw sewage leaks from  inspection cover in stormy weather into gardens as the old pipe work can’t  cope. 
Lower green is often  flooded as the old storm drains are blocked and nothing can be done as there’s no money. 

Just next door in Henham, Fairfield Application for 350 houses on land to the North West Of Henham Road.

We need affordable housing in the village not million pound plus homes.

The annexed account entitled: 
The Village of Widdington, Essex

Was written in 1939, as an appendix to a History of the Hollis, Ainslic, 
Bullock, Smith, Griffiths, Murkin, and Perry Familes, and it may be well 
to preface the account by recording briefly how the four last mentioned 
families came to be associated with, or interested in, Widdington.

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The Village of Widdington, Essex

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