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I would like to pass on a huge thank you to those who have

sent me these wonderful Photographs, memories and stories.

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Early postcards provide us with an insight into old village life.

Although photography was developed from the 1850s onwards, one of our main source of early village Life scenes is unquestionably the picture postcards.

These were popular form of communication between 1894 and the 1950s.

Britain was slower than its continual neighbours to catch on to the picture postcard.

It was not till 1894 before the old post office gave the green light.

Surprisingly there are a lot of different postcard images of our beautiful village.

I will try to add a new Picture postcard page in the New Year.


A steam driven traction engine.

Postcard of Pond Mead, Dated 1905

News Flash.... developers want to tear down this very much loved historic house.

The Village of Widdington, Essex

The annexed account entitled:

The Village of Widdington, Essex

Was written in 1939, as an appendix to a History of the Hollis, Ainslic, Bullock, Smith, Griffiths, Murkin, and Perry Familes, and it may be well to preface the account by recording briefly how the four last mentioned families came to be associated with, or interested in, Widdington.

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I am collecting photographs and information relating

to events that have taken place in Widdington village.

Please feel free to have a look at our fine collection of old Village photos

I welcome any personal photographs or information

you may have and would like to share with the Village and others.

If you would like to add events to the "Village Diary"or leave any comments.

Please email me

If I have offended anyone with a Photograph or text on this website

Please email me so I can withdraw it immediately.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our village

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