I'm a visiting senior research fellow at the Asia-Europe InstituteUniversity of Malaya

In this page you can find information about my research, data and OxGauss codes. All OxGauss codes in this webpage could be run by the Oxedit.  

Oxedit can be freely downloaded from the webpage created by Professor Jurgen A. Doornik of Oxford University.

Oxedit can be used without any charges for academic and teaching purposes. For more detailed licence information about Oxedit, kindly refer to:

My Matlab codes and Eviews codes could be found in the following website:

My research interests includes:
1. Development Economics/Growth Economics
(Foreign aid allocation, Aid sanctions, export-led growth hypothesis, tourism-led growth hypothesis) 
Kindly refer to Paper 16-20, Paper 25

2. Applied Econometrics/Applied Statistics 
(Applied linguistics and Hysteresis in time-series data)
Kindly refer to Paper 1-9, Paper 22

3. Climate Change
(Global warming hiatus and greenhouse gas emission)
Kindly refer to Paper 12, Paper 15

4. Environmental Economics/Energy Economics
(Economic development and the environment)
Kindly refer to Paper 10, Paper 14, Paper 24

5. Demographic Economics
(Population and development, fertility decline)
Kindly refer to Paper 13, Paper 21 

6. Global Health
(Determinants of health care)
Kindly refer to Paper 11, Paper 23 

7. Peace Economics
(Military expenditure and development, Economic sanctions)