Mozambique Church

FUMCPH  sponsors the Phungue United Methodist Church in Mozambique.  The church is pastored by Rev. Bernardo Montino. Below is a letter from Pastor Isaias Rafael Bila

Beloved brothers and sisters
 at the First UMC,

Accept our warm greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. We pray that your congregation continue with the mission of making disciples in that continent. It is a blessing to continue linked in covenant relationship with you, sharing prayers, ministries and resources. We are glad that you are able to support our Pastor throughout the years. Our congregation continue growing in numbers and making more disciples and bringing people to God. There are challenges which became natural to our rural setting we encounter, but God sends His powerful hand to relieve us from them and do His will. Please know that we are praying for you whenever we meet in our gatherings. May God continue to bring blessings to you in all you do in your daily lives.

We hope to hear from you and particularly about your ministries around your area.

In Christian fellowship, Pastor Isaias Rafael Bila