Fulvio Forni

Lecturer in Engineering

University of Cambridge, UK


University of Cambridge

Department of Engineering (Control group)

Trumpington Street

CB2 1PZ, Cambridge, UK

Room: BN4-84

E-mail: f.forni@eng.cam.ac.uk

Official home page, ORCID

Research Interests

Differential methods for system analysis (contraction, differential positivity, dominance, differential dissipativity). Nonlinear control and hybrid control (electro-mechanical systems, saturations, resets, impacts). Nonlinear dynamics in biology (oscillators, switches) and bio-inspired robotics.


2016-present College Lecturer and Director of Studies at Newnham College, Cambridge, UK

2015-present Lecturer in Engineering at the University of Cambridge, UK

2014 Visitor and research associate at the University of Cambridge, UK

2011-2015 Post-doc at the University of Li├Ęge, Belgium (FNRS fellowship since 2012)

2009 Visitor at the CCDC of the University of California Santa Barbara, US

2008 Visitor at the LFCS of the University of Edinburgh, UK

2006-2010 PhD in Computer Science and Control Engineering, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy