Fulvio Forni

Professor of Control Engineering

University of Cambridge, UK


University of Cambridge

Department of Engineering (Control group)

Trumpington Street

CB2 1PZ, Cambridge, UK

Room: BN4-84

E-mail: f.forni@eng.cam.ac.uk

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Research Interests

Differential methods for system analysis and control synthesis (contraction, differential positivity, dominance, differential dissipativity). Nonlinear control and hybrid control (electro-mechanical systems, saturations, resets, impacts). Modeling and control in robotics, neuroscience, agriculture (Agriforward CDT). 

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2023-present Professor of Control Engineering, University of Cambridge, UK.

2021-2023 Associate Professor at the University of Cambridge, UK

2016-present College Lecturer and Director of Studies at Newnham College, Cambridge, UK

2015-2021 Lecturer in Engineering at the University of Cambridge, UK

2014 Visitor and research associate at the University of Cambridge, UK

2011-2015 Post-doc at the University of Liège, Belgium (FNRS fellowship since 2012)

2009 Visitor at the CCDC of the University of California Santa Barbara, US

2008 Visitor at the LFCS of the University of Edinburgh, UK

2006-2010 PhD in Computer Science and Control Engineering, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy