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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Living History?

Living history makes history come to life. To do this members emulate different sorts of people from history. These can include blacksmiths, seamstresses, housewives, farmers, woodsmen and woodswomen. We wear the clothes of the time and learn and use the life and trade skills of the period.



What is experimental archaeology?

This is the term used when someone makes and uses a period tool or item. This can be anything from lighting a fire with a flint and steel to building and sailing a ship on an original route! It is the only way to really discover how things were done “back then”.



What sort of “period skills” can we learn and practice?

You can learn and use any skill that was used in the period you re-enact. 

These include spinning and weaving on a loom, finger weaving, tomahawk throwing, fire lighting, blade sharpening, leather making and leather working and much, much more.



Club Membership

Club membership is open to families as well as to individuals male and female of all ages.


What about women members? 

Over History women performed many traditional and non traditional roles. There were women blacksmiths, naturalists, artists, and woods-women. Some accompanied militia on scouts . In the Frontiers Living History Group a women can be what ever she wants to be!


What about children.? 

Children are always welcome. Naturally children are the responsibility of their parents. Children really enjoy the living history activities and skills. It is a wonderful way to learn history and it makes their school based history a lot more meaningful. Also children can learn bush craft, survival skills and camping skills.



Is the Frontiers Living History Group a gun club?

Some on our members may carry a period gun on displays and camps as part of their persona. These guns are flintlock or Percussion muzzle-loading antique guns or copies. The highest level of safely is maintained at all times.


Guns are not carried loaded and all gun carrying members must be licensed and have the endorsement of performing Arts Historical re-enactment.

And any shooting of the guns will only be carried out under the direct supervision of the club’s safety officers.

Club members are required to undertake regular refresher training in the safe handling of guns and be up to date in what the legal requirements of  re-enacting with weapons & guns