Frontiers Living History Group Inc.

Viking - 1754 — 1865 - Where ever there is a Frontier

Club’s Focus & Aim

Viking - 1754 — 1865 - where ever there is a frontier

for living history historians, re-enactors, enthusiasts who wish to gather and camp in the fashion and lifestyle and undertake skills practised by Early Settlers on a Frontier

Club membership is open to families as well as to individuals male and female of all ages.

Periods we do - any thing that's a frontier

our main ones are

  • Viking or any thing to do with the Viking period
  • The Fur Trade / American Rev war / militia periods
  • Australian Colonial
  • American Civil war
  • WW1
  • and maybe the odd Pirate
  • if there is something you like to do - then research and do it.


The wide date range is to allow for the individual club member to be able to develop their historical portrayal to best suit themselves.

Portrayals may be either Civilian or Military in nature. But what ever portrayal presented must be a Document able one. And all equipment and clothing must be a suitable historically correct one for the portrayal & time period being presented. Clothing must be either hand stitched or machine stitched and hand finished in historically period correct fabrics and style.

Personas should be developed to suit the portrayal undertaken

Where is the Frontiers Living History Group Located ?

Our Club and most of the camps we attend are located in Victoria , Australia