How we raise funds

We have so far held two big events - an Auction of Promises and a Supper Quiz evening. For each of these we commissioned a short film showing our current projects.

We also raise money each year by participating in The Poetry Challenge, now in its 18th year. It gives an opportunity for people to recite a poem or poems from memory, and to ask people to sponsor the performance.

Our main focus now is in applying to Charitable Trusts who focus on Southern Africa. We have received funding from the Network for Social Change, the Eleanor Rathbone Charitable Trust, and The Franklin Trust, and several individual donors.

We are currently approaching individual philanthropists to become involved in our projects.

Photographs: Miriam Margolyes in the role of celebrity auctioneer at the Auction of Promises; posters from fund-raising events.
Miriam Margolyes banging the gavel at the auction
Fund-raising event posters: Poetry Challenge 2009, 2012; Auction of Promises, Supper Quiz