AAC Devices

Help with AAC devices for individuals

“For people without disabilities, technology makes things easier. For people with disabilities, technology makes things possible” (Radabaugh, 1988).

One of FOT’s involvements at Tembaletu School is to help individuals who are leaving the school, and who need high tech devices in order to be able to function in further education, or to be able to function in the workplace.

Anathi Nkampeni is one such learner. Described by his speech therapist as “the most determined ‘Born Free’ you will ever meet”, and of whom she wrote “I have been overwhelmed by his progress, efforts, intelligence and insight.”

We are very pleased to be helping him on his educational path by providing him with an especially adapted laptop. His story is extremely inspiring. The following is a brief account of his journey.

With great determination, and despite his considerable disabilities ((he is predominantly wheelchair bound and is unable to do tasks requiring fine motor skills (like writing)), he started developing literacy skills at 18, with specialised support, and is now at secondary school, and making great progress. He has a dream of being in business one day and offering support to other people with disabilities.

And we are in the process of helping another ex-Tembaletu learner by providing him with a special laptop. He is setting up a business that will teach people with disabilities to drive.

Anathi - AAC Devices