Tembaletu Foundation Phase

The Foundation Phase classroom, where the children first enter the school, has fifteen learners. This includes eight wheelchair users, and two non-verbal children.

Our latest project has been twofold: firstly, to support the wonderful teacher in that classroom, Mrs Matabata, by sending in a Special Needs expert for one day a week to help learners with their work and play activities, as well as helping plan lessons and provide materials to conduct them.

Secondly, we have funded the renovation and re-organisation of this classroom. The walls are now very colourfully decorated, there is a new carpet and new storage spaces for educational materials, and a steel cabinet for records and paperwork.

The murals have extended to some of the corridors too, and we have heard from the school that this has delighted both staff and learners. "My heart just soared when I saw all the painting", we heard from one of them.

We would like to be able to fund a full-time assistant for Mrs Matabata, and will be appealing for this funding in 2016/17.

Grade R with Noxolo and Nowethu
Foundation Phase classroom, divers under the sea
Foundation Phase classroom - rainbow wall