Book Donations

The Friends of Sequim Library (FOSL) and the Sequim Branch Library of the North Olympic Library System appreciate the wonderful donations of books and media from the public.  These donations are our main source of income.  The Sequim area residents are incredibly generous with their donations.  We receive an average of 5,000 items per month.

The Sequim Branch Library has the first choice from donated materials.  The Friends coordinate with the branch manager to see that needed books and media are put into the library holdings.  The remainder of the items are sold at the monthly FOSL book sale or in the lobby. 


The Friends of Sequim Library have developed some donation guidelines.  Unfortunately, not everything that is donated is in good enough condition to sell (books that are water damaged, are moldy, or are soiled with animal and bird droppings have to be discarded).  FOSL has to provide for their disposal and our monthly trash removal costs can be quite high.  In addition, there are certain types of books that are no longer marketable such as most general reference encyclopedia sets, outdated text and computer books, Reader's Digest condensed books and National Geographic magazines.


Donations may be dropped off 24/7 at the Friends Building behind the Sequim Branch library.  Please open the sliding window and put the books in the bins in the small shed just north of the FOSL building.  Please remember to close the window!  If you have large boxes, they may be left on the tables on the north side of the FOSL building.  We pick up several times per day.

Volunteers meet every Wednesday from 9:00 am to 11:00 am and are glad to receive donations at that time, too.