John O'Hare

Artist based at Caraboo Projects Bristol

The Road to Middle England


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The Roadside Museum


Learning to Fly

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Site Responsive Work
Protest in Abstract


Coming up in spring 2019:

  • Dwell Time: Excited to be part of this project which launches 20-22 March. Dwell Time is an arts publication of selected contributions reflecting on mental wellbeing, published for the Penistone Line Railway in Yorkshire.
  • Scratch Lab: Designed this as a bi-annual mini-residency at Caraboo with opportunity for crossover of ideas and interaction between artists. Selected artists and co-curated the week with Jack and Polly. March 11-16 and May 6-10 with opening events on the Fridays. Details/documentation will go online and social media as it goes along.
  • Cheap Cheap: Screening Living the Dream at their gallery launch night on Friday 5th April. Housed in the Lombard Method, Birmingham.
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Stand Up and Stretch

(if you have the space to do so)

O'Hare/Phipps: Chill Session Call Centre Dance Mix