John O'Hare artworks
2018 Screenings:
Bomb Factory Artist Film Festival at Art Week Exeter
22nd-28th May
Meshes presents: ExP
Genesis Cinema, London, Wed 9th May 
HOME Manchester
Spit That Out: North West Artist Film Programme, Sat 13th Jan 
Part of Random Acts North Weekender, PUSH 2018
The Unstitute
Screening at The Projection Room, Jan-Mar
HYPOGEAL Basement Arts Project publication

Current film projects:
Living the Dream 
Living the Dream depicts a day in the life of a call centre worker for a Payday Loan Company. Read more...

The Road to Middle England 
The Road to Middle England parodies the English obsession with social mobility, exploring a day in the life of someone on the dole. Read more...

Coming soon: 3 Meals from Anarchy

Sites of Desire

The Skin of Things

Action Painting