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The Road to Middle England (2015)
The Road to Middle England is an animation which parodies the English obsession with social mobility.

Politicians often proclaim that the masses are either already middle class or that they should be aspiring towards that status at the very least.
The film explores the ideology of social progression from the perspective of those that are in unskilled work or faced with the prospect of unemployment. The story follows an unnamed jobseeker, faced with a mandatory work trial to continue his entitlement to social welfare.
A dystopian nightmare unfolds as humiliation becomes a necessary experience of class progression.
Screening at the Cranbrook Video Festival, 19th Feb 2016
Compromised Collaborations: A Problem Shared...? (2015/16)

Proposals have been invited for a project examining the theme of collaboration and the difficulty it poses to the artistic integrity of those involved.
The production of works shall take place over the next 12 months (into 2016). The collection of resulting collaborations will then be exhibited.

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 Recent work:

 Economies of Resistance
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