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'In all of us there is a hunger, marrow-deep, to know our heritage, to know who we are and where we came from.'
Alex Haley

Welcome to the Frame / Freame / Fremault DNA Project!  

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‘Tacitus tells us that the Germans were generally armed with a short spear, adapted either for close or distant fighting, and which was called in their      language framea. From this word, apparently allied to the Modern German pfriem, Förstemann derives the following ancient names, which are mostly    Frankish.’ [Robert Ferguson, THE TEUTONIC NAME-SYSTEM APPLIED TO THE FAMILY NAMES OF FRANCE, ENGLAND, & GERMANY (1864)]

FRAM. Spear.


English:         FRAME, FREEM.        



It's easy! Simply click Here to purchase a Y-DNA kit at the Project's discounted price.
 We recommend starting with a minimum of the Y-DNA 67-marker test.
If finances allow, the 111-marker may be more useful over the longer term.
Any questions? Please contact the Admin.

By utilising Y-DNA testing we are able to identify which bearers of these surname variations actually share a common ancestry in the direct male line. All surname possibilities are not listed in the table below. Thus far, we have proved that some American Fraim families are genetically related to Frames in the United States and elsewhere around the world. We have also found that some Frame families from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia are related to one another - see Results page - but this is only the beginning!  We would like to compare the Y-DNA of Frame, Freame, Fram, Frahm, Fremault, Fremaux men, and others with close surname variants, of British heritage with those of similar surnames stemming from the Continent and elsewhere.

Many of our surname variations are found in:

FLANDERS, BELGIUM –particularly Liège, Namur (Wallonia), Tournai (Hainaut), Hévillers, Brabant, Antwerp. Variations include: Freimaux, Frémaux, Fremaux, Fremeaux, Frahm, Frama, Fremau, Fremi, Fremie, Friem etc.                                                                          

FRANCE especially in Nord-Pas-de-Calais, French Flanders: Fremault , Fremaux ; also De Freme, Freme, Fremy etc

NETHERLANDS -  particularly in Amsterdam: Fremaux, Fremeaux, Fram, Frame, Framey, Freem, Freeme, Frem, Fremau, Fremme, Fremou, Freummau, Froem, Fromie, Frummau etc.

Records show that German, Danish, Polish, Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian and South African families also share our project’s eligible surnames.   DNA testing for genealogy purposes is now much more affordable (reduced price if you test through our project), and if you join the Frame / Freame / Fremault DNA Project there is a very good chance you will discover some previously unknown cousins!  DNA testing is not a magic 'fix' to resolve all genealogical brick walls; however, it is a very useful tool and will identify genetic cousins in the direct male line no matter what surname they carry! If your surname variation is not included we will be happy to add it. Please contact the Admin.


We are pleased to announce that for as long as our General Fund donations permit, we will be offering:


The offer is to suitable candidates surnamed Frame, Freame, Freme, Fremault, Fremaux or any reasonable variation of these surnames whose father, brothers, cousins or uncles have not previously participated in the Project, although  distant cousins of previous testers may apply for a free 12-marker intorductory test. All you need to do is swab your cheeks, sign the release form in the kit package, and then mail the kit back to Family Tree DNA in Houston, Texas. This basic test will provide you with your haplogroup designation (the ancient clan your ancestors came from) and a list of matches with their contact details. You will possibly have many matches with different surnames at the 12-marker level but if you upgrade to more markers later on, many of these matches will drop away to leave you with a list of those that are likely more relevant.  You may, of course, upgrade to more markers at your own expense at any time.

Free 12-marker Y-DNA tests must be arranged by the Admin, so if you wish to apply, please email the Admin the following details:

1.Your name, phone number and postal address.

2.What you know of your direct male line ancestry.   Start by typing your own details, and then work backwards to your father and spouse, his father and spouse etc.    An example of what we need can be viewed on our Patriarch page.  Please note – while we require your name, father’s name etc., we NEVER publish the details of any living generations on our website. This is to protect your privacy.  

If after examining your lineage we believe your results would possibly help expand our knowledge base, we may instead provide you with a more advanced test such as the Y-DNA 37 marker.  



This is often the first question asked.  Being a Surname DNA Project, we focus on Y-DNA testing which traces the father’s, father’s, father’s line back through the generations. When you join the Project: 

  •  First, you will receive your Y-DNA Haplogroup designation.  Put simply, your individual haplotype is the set of values you will receive back for the number of Y-DNA markers (STRs) that you test.  A Haplogroup is a cluster of individuals who have matching haplotypes.  Your Y-DNA haplogroup is the major branch on the paternal tree of humankind that you and your patrilineal ancestors descend from. Haplogroups are associated with early human migrations. Today these can be associated with a geographic region or regions.
  • You will be given log-in access to your personal account on the Family Tree DNA website. If you sign the release form included in your Y-DNA testing kit, both you and the men you match will receive each other’s contact details in case you wish to explore where you might connect, or who, for instance, might have been your most recent common ancestor (MRCA).  If you do a 12-marker test you will likely receive a Match list that includes many different surnames. However, the more markers you test, the more the Match list reduces to those contacts likely more relevant to you. We recommend testing all 111-markers if finances allow.  By combining Y-DNA testing with traditional research, some of our participants have had their genealogies extended by several generations.
  • You will be added to our private Mailing List where Admins pass on news of new results, or new lines that have joined the Project.  Participants are free to post any questions about their results or their genealogy to this Mailing List.  Hitting ‘Reply’ to a post will go only to the person who posted. Hitting ‘Reply All’ goes to the Inbox of all members on the Mailing List.  
  • Most of all, you will feel a sense of camaraderie with others who share your surname, whether or not your Y-DNA matches them!


This not-for-profit worldwide surname DNA project is coordinated by unpaid volunteers and was established at Family Tree DNA in 2006. Our aim is to help family genealogists break down research ‘brick walls’ by utilising Y-DNA analysis for finding nearest patrilineal kinfolk. Just as a surname is passed down through the generations, so too is the Y-chromosome which is passed down from father to son virtually unchanged except for an occasional mutation. These mutations can help us identify different branches on family trees. The Project ensures that the privacy of participants is protected. We only publish kit numbers and early ancestor details on our website. Project administrators do not handle the DNA of participants at any time. Samples are forwarded by participants directly back to our chosen testing company, Family Tree DNA.  Test kits are simple cheek swabs (watch this short  video demonstration ). Y-DNA test kits are available HERE at the special Project price.  We recommend beginning with the the 67-marker Y-DNA test, or, if finances allow, the 111-marker.  Females will need their Frame, Freame, Fremault (or variant surname) brother, father, cousin, uncle etc. to provide the DNA sample for testing their family line.  Please email the Admin with any enquiries. 

There are several ways that one might inherit the Frame or Freame surnames - see
Surname Origins page. Eligibility for joining the Project is based on the findings of Förstemann (citing Tacitus) who claimed that the English surnames Frame, Freem etc., and the French Fremeaux (Fremault) etc., were derived from the framea - a spear carried by Germanic tribes. Y-DNA testing would discover if there is a shared patrilineal ancestry between bearers of the British and French surname variants.

                                                           SURNAME VARIANT DISTRIBUTION IN BRITAIN BY 1700 
 Research indicates that large numbers of  English and Scottish families surnamed Frame / Freame / Freme etc. likely descend from Flemish weavers and artisans who possibly originated in what is now known as French Flanders (see pink area on map below).    
Note re Yellow pins: Some families surnamed Frome, Froom and Froome likely have a surname derived locatively from FROME in Dorset, Hereford and Somerset.
However, Froom, Froome etc. variations are also found on the Continent and may be variations of

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Have you already tested your Y-DNA at Ancestry, GeneTree or Sorensen's SMGF ?  For a nominal fee, Family Tree DNA, the Frame/Freame/Fremault DNA Project's testing company, are now allowing the upload to the FTDNA database of 33 and 46 marker Y-DNA tests that have been carried out at these Labs. Family Tree DNA acquired the DNA Heritage database so those transfers were free of charge. FTDNA will be charging the nominal fee of $19 per person to import third party results from Ancestry, GeneTree or Sorensen's SMGF. This fee will be credited to clients who order upgrades at Family Tree DNA.  Please visit FTDNA Y-DNA Transfer website to arrange for your transfer to the Family Tree DNA database. For any additional questions related to Third Party transfer, please refer to the FAQ Section for help.

The FRAME/FREAME/FREMAULT DNA PROJECT Administrators request that new participants submit a simple line of descent from earliest known direct male line ancestor (from grandparents or great-grandparents etc - as far back as is known) down to themselves. We need this for publication on the Project Patriarchs page.  Note that we do not publish the generations still living. After you join the Project by placing your order, please email whatever you know of your direct male line of descent to the Admin.  This information is also used for analysis of DNA test results.

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Although test discounts are offered to FRAME/FREAME/FREMAULT DNA PROJECT members by FAMILY TREE DNA , it does not suggest a business partnership or any other relationship between the PROJECT, its administrators, and FAMILY TREE DNA.  All fees are payable only and directly to FAMILY TREE DNA. This PROJECT is a non-profit project and administrators are unpaid volunteers dedicated to advancing FRAME, FREAME, FREMAULT family research. The administrators chose FAMILY TREE DNA to be their testing company due to FTDNA having the largest database for comparisons; they were the pioneers of  Genetic Genealogy.  This PROJECT will not in any way have control of DNA samples, nor will it have the responsibility for their care, handling or return to our project participants. The FRAME / FREAME / FREMAULT DNA PROJECT does not have a duty to act on behalf of a project participant in mediation of any disputes arising between a Project participant and FAMILY TREE DNA. A match between Project participants may suggest they share a common ancestor; however, it will not identify the specific ancestor. There is no guarantee that every participant will match anyone in the FRAME/FREAME/FREMAULT DNA PROJECT or any other public database. By participating in the this PROJECT, the participant agrees to all conditions of the Project.

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