2020 Technique Clubs

Come and learn cool & challenging techniques each month!
Email me to join
What are Technique Clubs?
A 6 month club with a 3 month option to extend.
We meet once each month at my home.
You will learn different paper craft techniques each month.  Projects vary each month.
You receive an instruction sheet for each project.

What is the cost each get together?
At each session you can either    
1. Place an order for product in the amount of $50 (net), or
2.Pay a flat fee of $25

What is the benefit of placing an order?
You will build your stamping library over time & you can earn stamping rewards for yourself based on your own purchases.
Each individual member is in charge of their own stamping rewards. You control your own spending and when you earn rewards.  

 Once you have accumulated a net of $300 in net product purchases (during the club) you will receive $30 in free Stampin' Up! product - you choose the merchandise. I will keep track of the stamping rewards accounts so that you know how close you are to meeting your $300 goal.

Once you have cashed in your stamping rewards, your "account" will then reset and you can restart building your stamping rewards account again. Depending on your purchases you may be able to earn stamping rewards multiple times during the course of the club.

At the end of your monthly club, your stamping rewards account expires. 

Bring a new stamping friend 
New stamping friends are treated the same as a regular club member. They asked to either pay the $25 flat fee or place a $50 net order.
What if I can't make one of the club nights?
As a member, you must commit to the duration of the club. If you cannot make a club night you are still required to either place a $50 order (net) or pay the flat fee of $25.
It is greatly appreciated that you let me know at least 3 days in advance if you will miss the club session.
Even if you miss a night, you will still receive your instructions and completed projects. They will be available to you within a week of the club session. 
Club Dates

 Friday - 7:30 pm 

6 Spots Open

 Saturday - 1 pm

6 Spots Open
 Sept. 2020 - Mar. 2021Sept. 2020 - Mar. 2021
Sept. 25
Oct. 23
Nov. 27
Dec. - skip
Jan. 22
Feb. 26
Mar. 26  
Sept. 26
Oct. 24
Nov. 28
Dec. skip
Jan. 23
Feb. 27
Mar. 27
Other information
Q: What do I bring?
A: Adhesive kits (snail, tombow glue, dimensionals, glue dots & sticky strip), scissors, bone folder.
Q: Can I bring a snack?
A: Definitely! Snacks are definitely welcome
Q: Can I withdraw from a club?
A: Yes, however you will have to find a replacement and will have to continue to place an order or pay the flat fee until you have found one.
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