SOFA Peer Review Registry

Policy: The Peer Review System is designed to provide members of the Society of Forensic Anthropologists (SOFA) a mechanism for voluntary, independent review of case reports and analytical notes. SOFA assists in facilitating the Peer Review System by publishing an up-to-date roster of reviewers; however, interactions between reviewer and reviewees are not monitored by SOFA. Furthermore, opinions of reviewers do not reflect the opinions of SOFA.

Purpose: To provide guidelines for a voluntary peer review system for the technical and administrative review {1} of case reports and analytical notes.

Scope: This policy applies to all practitioners engaging in the volunteer Peer Review System. This system is not designed to evaluate standard operation procedures or the following of those procedures.

The roster of reviewers will be available on this page as CVs become available. Please forward any questions about the registry to the SOFA secretary. Please refer to the SOFA Peer Review System Document below for more details. A generic form for the reviewer can also be found below.

{1} A technical review refers to the analytical evaluation of the test(s), interpretation(s) and supporting documentation. An administrative review refers to the evaluation of the grammar and clarity of the report.