Foote Sanctuary

Eric Joseph Foote War Memorial Sanctuary front entrance, Park Lane (Foote Sanctuary Association)

The Eric Joseph Foote War Memorial Sanctuary is situated on Buderim Mountain on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. It is an area of approximately 17 hectares of attractive rainforest and native bushland. Foote sanctuary combines native forest regeneration and war memorial in a unique community project.


The EJ Foote Memorial Sanctuary is a flora and fauna reserve. It is known to support two hundred and seventy two indigenous flora species, a haven for over one hundred species of birds and a significant habitat for small mammals including gliders and swamp wallabies. Regeneration of the land in the last 80 years (mostly by volunteers) has brought back the forest after significant disruption. Continuing work promotes the future of endangered and endemic species including the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly. View the plant list or wildlife list.


There are walking tracks, a picnic area with toilets, electric barbeques and diverse natural vegetation , ranging from rainforest on the upper slope, to mixed sclerophyll forest in the lower parts of the Sanctuary. How to get there

Short history

For thousands of years, this area was forested and home to the Gubbi Gubbi/Kabi Kabi peoples. Less than two hundred years ago as white settlement spread north of Brisbane, the largest trees were cut for timber, the indigenous people overwhelmed and the area was cleared for farming. The Sanctuary land was donated by a farming family in memory of their son, and all who died in the First World War. Read more on the history of the sanctuary.

Get involved

Supporters are invited to join the volunteer weeding, planting and maintenance activities every Thursday morning from 8 - 10 am, followed by a cuppa under the trees. You are also welcome to become a member of the Eric Joseph Foote War Memorial Sanctuary Association to show your support - see under volunteering and membership.

Foote Sanctuary Association

The association is a community group established to jointly manage the Foote Sanctuary with Sunshine Coast Council. Read more about volunteering, membership and the committee.

Our goals are to

  • preserve Foote Sanctuary's natural environment and eco-system;

  • honour its history;

  • and promote community involvement and enjoyment of the reserve.


You can contact the association through email or interact through our Facebook site.

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