Courses Taught at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Graduate Physics & Astrophysics Courses
Graduate Seminar Dark Energy & Accelerating Cosmos : F11
High-Energy Astrophysics : S15
Stellar Structure and Evolution : S13, S10

Undergraduate Physics & Astrophysics Courses
Advanced Physics Laboratory (co-taught) : F17, F15, F14, S13, F13
Undergraduate Quantum Mechanics II : S14, S13, S11
Undergraduate Quantum Mechanics I : F12, F10
Undergraduate Classical Mechanics (junior-level) : F17
Mathematical Physics II : F15, F14, F11
Mathematical Physics I : S15, S16
Intermediate Astrophysics (for Physics Majors) : S18, S16, S14, S12, F09
Modern Physics : S18, S12, S11, S10
Classical Physics I (Calc-based for Scientists and Engineers) : F17, F15, F14, F13, F09, F08
Introductory Astronomy (General Education) : F12, F10

Previous Courses Taught at School of Art Institute of Chicago

Introductory Astronomy (General Education) : S08, S07