The cosmos continually inspires wonder in us, and the subject of much of my group's work -- exploding stars -- perhaps sparks among the most interest of all astronomical sights. Here is a sampling of the coverage of our research in both traditional news outlets and blogs across the web.

Prof. Fisher Interviewed by NBC10 for Great American Eclipse (2017)

Rahul Kashyap Featured by UMass Dartmouth (2017)

Prof. Fisher's talk at the Interstellar event at UMass Dartmouth with Kip Thorne (2016)

Prof. Fisher's ARNIE Talk at UMass Dartmouth (2016)

Prof. Fisher Featured on NPR WCAI's Living Lab Broadcast (2016)

Spiral Instability Double Degenerate Type Ia Supernovae (2015)

Single-Degenerate Supernovae are Preferentially Overluminous (2015)

UMass Dartmouth Graduate Program Named a Top Producer by the American Physical Society (2014)

Fisher Research Group Featured by UMass Dartmouth (2014)

Fisher Research Group Work Featured by Massachusetts Green High-Performance Computing Center (2014)

Double-Degenerate Simulations Featured on yt Project Gallery (2013)

UMass Dartmouth Graduating Student Spotlights (2013)

Subluminous Type Ia Supernovae (2012)

Fisher Group Member Peter Jumper Named APS Apker Prize Finalist (2012)

Gravitational Waves from Type Ia Supernovae (2011)

NSF MRI Grant Award (2010)

Pulsationally-Assisted Gravitationally-Confined Detonation of Type Ia Supernovae (2009)

DOE Incite Award (2008)

Classical Gravitationally-Confined Detonation of Type Ia Supernovae (2007)

DOE INCITE Award (2007)