Shinto Muso Ryu Jo


Muso Gonnosuke Katsuyoshi, founder of Shinto Muso Ryu Jo

Shinto Muso Ryu Jo is said to be the original Japanese art involving the combative use of the jo , a round, oak stick slightly over 4 feet in length. This martial arts was founded approximately 400 years ago by Muso Gonnosuke Katsuyoshi, a fully licensed member of the Tenshinsho-den Katori Shinto Ryu and an exponent of Kashima Shin Ryu.

Gonnosuke is said to have been the only warrior to have defeated the famed Miyamoto Musashi in a duel. He did so using the jo. Naturally, Shinto Muso Ryu Jo is comprised mostly of stick versus sword forms. Swordsmanship is also taught as part of the system.

Historically, the art was taken up by feudal era law enforcement officers in certain domains. As a result, advanced instruction includes a number of auxiliary systems including truncheon, cane-length stick, and other short weapons used by police, as well as kusari-gama jutsu (sickle with weighted chain).

The leader of Finger Lakes Koryu Kai is a fully licensed teacher in this tradition.