HackSpace in Fife, Scotland

This HackSpace is currently closed - but with a fresh sponsor we are hoping to go live again very soon, thanks to Hot Solder

Welcome to our online home!

We are a community run, non profit work space where like minded people with common interests can meet, brainstorm, share resources and socialise with one another 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Maybe we should look at an energy drink sponsorship deal! #ExtremeHacking?!

Currently the space is approx. 60m² of dedicated workshop, located within Thornton Town Hall. Although a relatively small area to start, there are awesome plans for expansion, so watch this space!

The space is also perfect for budding entrepreneurs, just maybe wanting some extra support to realise their product.

We even have Proto-Pic, the best UK distributor of Electronic Components and Modules located less than 2 miles away, for same day collection of almost everything you'll need for even the most flamboyant projects.

Help needed! Logo required:

Too obvious???! Too infringy???!

Please submit feedback to Google Group!

Some of the interests of our members include but aren't limited to:

* Micro Computer Systems such as Micro Bit, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Pine64

* Programming languages such as Python, C++ and other languages

* Open source hardware

* Electronics

* Weather Monitoring

* Robotics

* Wireless Audio

* Home Automation

* Electric Vehicles

* Knitting

* Repairing electronics

* Recycling / Upcycling

* 3D Art / Modelling / Printing

* Painting

* Whisky Blending

* Motorcycle restoration

* Welding