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East Central District Newsletter #1

Federated Garden Clubs of Missouri, Inc.

Central Region

National Garden Clubs, Inc.

November 15, 2015

Number # 1

 “Habitat Heaven”

Welcome to all ECD Board Members and Club Presidents!  Thank you for serving.  I look forward to an active and enjoyable two years – where we are working to make our communities more beautiful AND creating a healthier environment for birds, bees, butterflies, frogs – you name it!  I welcome your suggestions on how to do this as well as information about your favorite projects and programs.  Each of us can learn by sharing with the rest of us.

I have just returned from the Federated Garden Clubs of Missouri Fall Board Meeting in Jefferson City.  It is a delight to see old friends from across the state, excited about their chairmanships and positions.  We have quite a few ECD members serving at the state level – but there is room for MORE!  If you or a member of your club is interested in serving at the District or State level, do let me know.  After hosting the State Convention in 2013, or attending last year’s Convention at the Lake of the Ozarks, maybe you would like to do more!

This Newsletter is aimed at sharing information you might need for your Yearbooks, especially District, State, Regional and national officers and Important Dates for 2016 (attached).  We have a new State Web Manager, Connie Porter, who is anxious to update the website (FGCMO.org) and make it more user-friendly.  Carol Schwab, ECD’s new Web Manager, is also busy updating our own information.  More on that later.

First, here is a list of officers to include in your Yearbooks.

National Garden Clubs, Inc.:  Sandra H. Robinson (known to all as Sandy), President:  sandyr5342@gmail.com.  “Leap Into Action”

National Garden Clubs, Inc. Website:  www.headquarters@gardenclub.org

Central Region:  Judy Newman, Director:  newman9641@aol.com.  “Cultivating Connections”

Federated Garden Clubs of Missouri, Inc.:  Nancy Bahn, President:  nwbahn@yahoo.com.  “Caring for Our Beautiful Missouri”

FGCM Treasurer:  Marjorie Motley:  marje@motleyville.com.   

FGCM Club Programs Chairman:  Mary Davidson Officer

FGCM Club Ratings Chairman:  Martha Ellen Lankheit

East Central District:  Sue Reed, Director: smrzr57@gmail.com.  “Habitat Heaven”

ECD Assistant Director:  Susan Kirby

ECD Treasurer:  Jackie Reynolds

ECD Yearbook Awards:  Nancy Senter

ECD Website:  A personal goal is to make our webpages beautiful, fun and interesting!  Please consider writing up a paragraph about YOUR garden club to put on the website.  Think about it as a recruiting tool.  If you are willing to put your name and email address on it so that prospective members can contact you, please do!  Carol Schwab is our new web manager but please start by going through me (both so I will know what is being posted and that we don’t overwhelm Carol).  Alice Gibson plans to send in photos and information about flower shows, especially ECD and design club shows.  If you need help with your flower show, do contact her. 

ECD Flower Show “Cheers” will be held March 3-6 at America’s Center during the HBA Home and Garden Show.  Nancy Senter is the Design Entry Chairman.  Horticulture is needed too!   Jackie Reynolds is chairman.  The Children’s Garden Club has a design workshop planned at Baisch & Skinner for ALL children – and Madelyn Hucker will

instruct.  January 9 at 9 am. 

Here are a few tidbits announced at the Fall Board Meeting. 

Annual FGCM Convention will be held in Springfield, MO May 16-19.  Southwest District Director Janet Wood promises that it will be better than ever with wonderful speakers and tours.

New ART WALK Co-Chairmen Jacque Scott and Jeanne Tullos promise a bigger, better opportunity to showcase your own special home-made treasures.  

Awards:  Sherry Wilson invites you to submit Books of Evidence on all your projects, flower shows and tours.  All that money is waiting for your club to win!  December 1 is the deadline, except for Holiday Flower Shows and their deadline is December 20.  She chairs Project awards.

Children’s Contests:  From Smokey Bear and Woodsy Owl to poetry to high school essay contests, there are ways to encourage our (grand) children and school children to gain experience in thinking through an important project.  Sandy Robinson, our National President, is especially interested in becoming more involved with children.  Her club members wrote an engaging picture book called the Frightened Frog which is selling out rapidly at National Headquarters.  For $10.00 you get the perfect gift for children ages 3-7!  Sandy feels that amphibians also need our attention along with bees, butterflies and birds.  The NGC website is beautiful and filled with information on all these projects.  ID:  member.  Password:  leap or flight.

5,000 Trees.  This project begun by Nancy Bahn is explained in detail in your Fall Garden Forum.  There are several ways to participate.  The first is to assist fourth graders in all elementary schools receive a free native tree seedling made available through the Missouri Department of Conservation and its George O. White Nursery in Licking, MO.  Do be brave and call your local elementary school and see if they are already signed up for this program – many hand out these trees every year.  If they are NOT signed up, offer to help them participate!  The trees are best ordered soon so that you can choose the species you prefer.  The trees are delivered to the teacher at your school.  Then you a

nd your club members would wrap the seedlings in damp paper towels, insert in newspaper plastic bags and distribute to all the 4th graders.  You would need to know how many 4th graders, the teacher’s name, the kind of tree (s) – and ultimately fill out a report form which will be available on our website.

The second way is to keep track of all the native trees and shrubs planted by your members (starting last May 2015) and report on another form the number and kinds of trees, the number of members, etc.  Other ways are described in The Garden Forum.  Please take this seriously.  I’m pretty sure we will be amazed at the results if we add up

all the trees planted in two years!

Blue Star Marker dedications have reached 90 in Missouri.  Nine were dedicated in the last year!  Prices go up in May.   Mary Officer is still working on one to be placed inside at the Cochran VA Hospital in downtown St. Louis.  Blue Star Memorial Markers honors ALL Servicemen and women, past, present and future.  Gold Star Memorial Markers are now available for families who have lost a member.

World Gardening:  Jeanne Schwaller, FGCM Chairman, announced that all club contributions to World Gardening will go to Heifer International unless your club requests a different recipient.

Missouri Garden Club Manual:  Quite a few By-Laws were updated for clarity and to conform with NGC By-Laws, opening the door to a NEW REVISED GARDEN CLUB MANUAL which will be ready for our State Convention in May.  Every club and officer and board member should have a copy! 

Several National Garden Club Schools are offered in 2016:

Environmental Studies School, Course I, March 21-23, to be held at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis.  You won’t want to miss this one!  Gloria Whyte, Chairman.

Gardening Study School, Course II, June 6-8, in Springfield.  Pat Schnarr, Chairman.

Flower Show School, Course IV:  June 28-30, in Weldon Springs, MO.  Sheri Menscher, Registrar.

Our first meeting of the New Year is on Tuesday, January 19 at National Headquarters, 4401 Magnolia Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63110.   We will Welcome You Aboard in style!  Board members should come at 9:30 am.  Club Presidents should come before 10:30 am.  Bring your Vice-President or another member if you wish!  We will start promptly at those hours.  Do plan to stay for a light lunch!  It is a good opportunity to get to know each other.  I am REALLY looking forward to that!

Sue Reed, Director


Welcome to East Central District!  We are located within the boundaries of St. Louis City and County.  Our 25 clubs are very active in pursuing a wide range of activities.  They are divided into North, Central and South Zones.  Please contact me, Sue Reed, ECD Director, if you would like information about joining a garden club, or, even better, starting a club of your own!  All it takes to start a club is eight members, a passion for gardening and paying dues amounting to $11.00 per member, which covers district, state and national dues.

My theme for the 2015-2017 term of office is “Habitat Heaven”.  Think about the many critters that share your garden – birds, butterflies, insects – and, yes, many four-legged creatures – plus the trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals you grow.  All of these elements work together to provide an ecosystem in your own yard!  As gardeners we get to choose from a huge number of plants – and our hope is that we are becoming more aware of the need to provide for our outdoor friends including plants that offer nectar, seeds, fruit, shelter and water. 

Both our State President, Nancy Bahn, and our National President, Sandra Robinson, have asked garden club members to create Butterfly (Monarch) Waystations among many other ways we can provide for the animals, birds and insects with whom we share our land.  Therefore I challenge you to make a difference in YOUR garden by planting milkweed, as well as many native plants.  Working together we can help turn around a declining number of butterflies and song birds.  

Joining a garden club is:

·        FUN – talking about plants and gardens and all things related among people who will become your good friends!

·        Educational – all clubs build their year’s programs around interesting speakers and field trips.

·        About learning new skills – from designing a garden or floral design to building a bird house or a wreath, garden clubs find interesting crafts.

·        Developing projects to beautify communities – garden club members start new gardens or plant beautiful containers in their communities, a subdivision, a local charity or other public space.

·        About sponsoring events like flower shows and plant sales to reach out to their communities.

·        Members can also attend National Garden Club-designed schools in Landscape Design, Gardening Study, Flower Shows and Environmental Studies to further educate its members.

Let’s work together to improve and beautify our communities – with flowers and gardens! 

Sue Reed, East Central District Director (smrzr57@gmail.com


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