January 18th Mini Newsletter

Dear ECD Members,
Thank you for the opportunity to act as your district director.  I am grateful for your confidence and look forward to working with all of you, attending one of your garden  club meetings, and getting to know each of you on a more personal basis.

Each Director must choose a theme for her term of office. It is usually based on the National President's  theme and follows down through our region (Central Region), to our own Federated Garden Clubs of Missouri State President. 

Our National President, Nancy Hargroves' theme is: "Plant America".

Our Central Region Director, Fran Stueck's theme is: "Partners in Planting America".

Our State President, Karen Blackmore's theme is: "Make Missouri Bloom".

As East Central District Director, I took all these themes into consideration and factored in the 'Amazing ECD Membership' and all we do for one another. Based on that, I developed a theme that I feel expresses our district and it's membership.  

My theme is : 

"ECD - Sharing Roots and Shoots, 

       Planting, Growing, Blooming"

We share our roots and shoots through: 

    -Donating roots & shoots to Gateway Greening,

    -Sharing them with one another through garden club plant exchanges,

    -Sharing with the public through plant sales,

    -Honoring our our military roots and heritage through Blue Star markers.

We share our planting and growing skills by:

    -Teaching children in our schools and communities,

    -Through our monthly Children's Garden Club activities and at the Annual HBA Home & Garden Show (where we can also showcase our designer's skills and discuss gardening & garden clubs with the public.)

 We plant & grow the seeds of knowledge at our garden club meetings through:

    -Programs at garden club meetings,

    -Hands on workshops,

    -Outings to hear speakers at area garden centers, 

    -The Butterfly House,

    -Missouri Botanical Garden, 

    -Shaw Nature Reserve, 

    -Community Gardens,

    -District Sponsored Design -Workshops, 

    -District Sponsored - State affiliated Schools- such as:  Environmental Studies School,

    -Pollinator project, and so much more.

 So, whether we are 'sharing' our love of gardening, 'growing' from our gardening successes and maybe learning from some not too successful endeavors, 'planting' seeds of knowledge and lifelong friendships, or just enjoying one another's company, we are 'blooming' with good fortune to be involved in this awesome sisterhood of gardening friends...what an honor to be a part of this.

Looking to the future we have some fun & exciting events and some a bit more difficult....however, I know we can tackle any challenges if we work together.  That's one of the great things about the East Central District Members.... we all help one another and together we make a great team and perhaps an unstoppable force.

Here a few events coming up in 2018:

    -ECD Welcome Aboard District Meeting at Shrine Center 2/20

    -Art in Bloom at the St. Louis Art Museum in Forest Park 3/2-4

    -HBA  Home & Garden Show ...

    Memories of Elvis Flower Show and Children's Garden Club Event at Americas Center 3/9-11

    -Pollinator Project - 2nd Annual Kickoff meeting at County Library 3/15 (Need cookies please) 

    -ESS School 3/19-20 at MOBOT Ridgeway Center. 

    -Design Workshop at Shriners Center on Fee Fee Rd. 3/20 and 4/17

    -FGCM State Convention in Blue Springs 5/7-10

    -Dogs and Blooms 'the Sequel' District Flower Show 7/13-15

    -Landscape Design School, course 1, Springfield 7/18-19

    -Fall District Meeting at HQ 8/21

    -Annual District Meeting and Awards Luncheon 10/18

    -Re-dedication of Blue Star Marker at Soldier's Memorial, date unknown.

    -2019 brings many similar events AND a special treat:

    Directors Special Event - A High Tea.

 In closing, I would like to see our district continue to add to our membership - where else can you learn so much while having all this fun with your best friends!!!

Thank you again and let's keep ECD "Sharing Roots and Shoots, Planting, Growing, and Blooming".

Thank You, 

Linda Bolhofner  (314)846-7145

Director - East Central District