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2010 Equinox

Vernal Equinox Edition
March 27th, Two Thousand and Ten Anno Domino.
7am-6pm, Eastern Standard time.

  I do not think I am taking too much liberty in saying that the race turned out very well.  I do not wish to exaggerate, but I think it was the single greatest competition every staged since the dawn of time on this planet, or on any other for that matter.  The runners were very professional, refined, well-mannered athletes.  The volunteers were dependable, hard working and considerate, and the race director ate a lot of food.  The temperature ranged from 20 degrees at 7am to 40 degrees at 5pm, and the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and the woods still had the look of wintery death about them, which is great if you like that sort of thing.  Out of twenty starters, there were 16 finishers, two of which were running their first ultra.  Congratulations!   (Oh, and by the way, ultras are like chips: you can't eat just one, but this simile is like comparing apples and oranges in that you won't get paid for the fruits of your labor and this will ruin it for the whole orchard.  But I digress...)

  Thanks to all of our runners for coming out to stomp around on a tough course.
  Thanks to all of our volunteers for coming out to stand around in a cold parking lot.
  Thanks to the two crazy guys with metal detectors and a large jagged edged knife/spade combo for distracting the police.
  Thanks to the WWII veteran who ate from out aid table.  You can have whatever you like, sir!
  I hope to see all of you again this December, or next Spring.

  We raised $100 for the Friends of the Fells!  Thanks for your generous donations!  
  Here's to the world's greatest unknown crazy fringe extreme sport! 

  By the way, don't even bother trying to explain what you do to the people you work with.  They just do not get it.

Spring Fells Results

Volunteers (in alphabetical order, naturally):

Bill Howard
Chris Martin
Christine Mattieu
Ryan Palmison
David Rye
Emily Trespas
Kevin Zelechoski

Ryan, David, and Kevin earned their 8 hours service requirement for the Vermont 100.  Best of luck, gents.  I will see you at the race.  Well, I will see your backs as you quickly leave me behind, and after I signed your damn sheets and all.  Ingrates!  At least Christine will wait for me, at an aid station with C4,  to laugh at me.

  Photographic evidence of this race:                                  
  More photos by expert photographer Emily "Trail Pixie" Trespas:
  Even more photos by Christine Mattieu:                           
  Please check your times on the picasa site and compare them with the times on the above sheet.  I am up well past my bedtime and it is not only entirely conceivable that some small error might have inadvertently crept in but it is also highly likely that I may have the equivalent IQ of a slice of bread at this time (heavily burnt by a shortcircuiting, antique toaster that someone found in a dump and tried to repair but never finished that correspondence course on small device electrical repair because that infomercial with sexy people working out was too distracting and did they really get those results on just five minutes a day because it seems unlikely but at only twenty dollars how can I afford not to buy that Ab-I-sizer?)  

Results have been sent to Ultrarunning Magazine.

If you have not already done so, why not leave feedback on this race?  Your voice must be heard!  Demand it!  It is your right!  FREEEEDOOMMMM!

If you happened to wear some kind of GPS for the race I would like to get a more accurate elevation gain for the loop or entire distance.  Please e-mail me at  

Thanks, and I hope to see you again in the fall!