We give thanks to the Father through Messiah for His various blessings, including a wonderful worship location


• People in general during these present sufferings — especially for our persecuted brethren abroad.

• Youth throughout the world who are bombarded with constant deceptions, including recruitment efforts by various terrorist groups.

• Victims of natural disasters and the poor and down trodden here and abroad.

• Spiritual guidance for our minister to serve our congregation in accordance with our Father's will.

Bobby and Melissa Parks - Ongoing illness

• Virgil Prindle - Cancer

Jamie Bright and Family

• Aaron Bright - Emotions

• Mike Mayfield still struggling with cancer

• Doris Beall - Ongoing family concerns.

Please keep in prayer all those in Love Mission efforts (under Projects / Events).

• Make Plans Now to Attend the Lexington Winter Family Weekend! December 21-25, 2018


PRAYER REQUESTS - 04/20/2019 - 04/20/2019 - 04/27/2019
• Marlene Tallie is generally doing well in her recovery, but prayers are still appreciated on her behalf. 
• Betty Hamlett asks prayer for her great-grandson for private reasons.


PRAYER REQUESTS 04/07/2019 - 04/13/2019

•  Ina Stevens received a call from her doctor's office today. The tumor marker number has risen. Please pray for a healing of the tumors in Ina's lungs and hip. Please pray God continues to give

Ina peace and comfort. Also, please pray for Ina's husband, Bill. He fell a couple of days ago and broke his ankle. He is seeing an orthopedic doctor to determine if surgery is required. Please pray for Bill as well. Thank you all!

• We want  to Keep Tom Partridge in prayer as he will be having surgery on the 22nd to remove a spot from his kidney.

• Also Charlene VanOrsdale who is having some extensive testing done on her leg yesterday and today (Thursday and Friday)

• Freda reports that her friend Linda Foreman has been told that there is nothing more the doctors can do for her. So she is going to Duke for a second opinion. She has had one lung removed and now the other is threatened. 

• Chloe for one of her college professor's wife who has cancer. 

 Betty Hamlett asks prayer for Junior, his hips getting worse and they can't figure out where the pain is coming from. Going to Orthopedic Doctor to find out.

• Danny asks continued prayer for his friend, David Brown. David is home now out of Therapy and doing well but has a very long time to go before walking.

• Doris Beall just asks for continued prayer.

• Carl Nix asks prayer for allergies, he is hardly able to breathe. Carl also asks prayer for a good friend who has not spoken in a year due to drug problems.  Carl would also like to share his distain over the abortion  problem and ask prayer for the politicians who make decisions. 

• Michelle Morgan asks continued prayer for her two supervisors.



• Update on Danny's friend, David Brown. He is at home and doing well.

• Freda gives praises that her friend Wayne Kizer is getting to come home. The Heart Cath. went well and he did not need stint.

• Betty Hamlett gives praise that Nina Biagotti is doing so well after her blood transplant.

• Aggie gives thanks that her doctors were able to find what was wrong with her so quickly.  She also gives thanks that Danny's eye surgery went so well.

• Doris Coffman gives thanks that they were able to be here today.

• Tom is thankful that his heart is fine and the doctor is very positive about biopsy.

• Robert is thankful that his wife, Judy, is getting next week off from work because she needs the rest so badly.

PRAYER REQUESTS 03/31/2019 - 04/06/2019
• Danny has a very dear friend, David Brown, who fell off his roof a couple of weeks ago and broke neck and both wrists. He is asking prayer for David.
• Jesse Howell asks prayer: his nephews grandfather passed away Monday morning, Prayers please for my nephew Brayden, his dad Corry and all of their family. Thank you all. Love y’all 
• This from Sherry Wilkes: Please add me to the prayer list. I am really struggling to get back to normal after a car wreck Feb 13th. I have missed almost every Sabbath service since then. I still have really bad headaches and memory issues. I am also having trouble with the insurance company of the other driver. 
• Freda asks prayer for her neighbor Linda Forman. She has cancer in her other lung now. She survived the first cancerous lung. Another friend, Wayne Kyzer, has to go for a heart cath. He had open heart surgery and has 10 stints in and around his heart.
• Michelle requests prayer for her two supervisors at work, Jonathan Woody and Renee Ellenburg.  
• Danny update on David Brown, he is in rehab and has a great positive attitude but still needs God's help. It is a struggle.
• Betty Hamlett asks prayer for Junior, he is having a lot of back and hip pain.
• Danny also asks prayer for Aggie, her tests are finished and it has been determined that she has Giant Cell Arteritis. Which is an inflammation of the arteries that carry blood away from the heart. GAC affects the arteries in the neck, upper body and arms. It is also called cranial or temporal arteritis because it affects the cranium. It also affects the eyes and that is called ischemic optic neuropathy. It has not been determined what doctors will do.
Tom Partridge asked prayer for himself as he will have a small spot on his bladder removed on the 22nd of the month. He will get results Monday (8th) on tests already done. Heal ready has an appointment with a cardiologist.
* Michelle asks prayer for a co-worker who will have his gall bladder removed this week and she is concerned with the hospital he is going to. Not a great reputation.
• Betty Simmons asks prayer for her neighbor and dear friend, Charlene VanOrsdale. She will have extensive testing done next Thursday and Friday (11th and 12th). If testing does not go well she will lose her leg. Please keeper in prayer continually she is a young and vibrant woman and this would devastating.
Danny will have his left eye drilled next Tuesday ( 9th). The doctor will drill through the Iris of his eye to relieve pressure. 
DeeDee asks prayer for herself that she will have the strength to take care of Tom.

• Bernard thanks God that he made it through a very difficult week.
• Doris Coffman thanks that Mickie and James are doing much better after surgery.
• Betty H. gives praises that Nina Biagotti is doing so much better than anyone thought she would. Nina had blood cell transplants.
* Michelle thank that the testing on her mom, Frances, was good they await the results of more tests done on Monday last.
• Roger Gives thanks that Abigail Baker 8 month old granddaughter of Aaron and Lori Baker is doing very well after open heart surgery.

PRAYER REQUESTS 03/24/2019 - 03/30/2019
• Ben Ambrose has had a inguinal hernia on Tuesday last. Please keep in prayer. He is Kay Bushes new husband.
• Doris asks prayer for James who is not doing as well after surgery as was originally thought.  Also Our dear Frank has had to go to the hospital with an episode while working in the yard.  
• Aggie asks prayer for Doris who is having hard time handling so many things at one time. Prayer for strength.
I am not sure who this is but we should pray for him: Please pray for little Vinnie. He is 5 and is being treated for prostate cancer which spread to his bladder and stomach. He has had a set back this week while still having over a week left of his radiation. The radiation has burned the inside of his rectum and he is in terrible pain. The have put him on morphine till this heals and he can resume the rest of the radiation. From there he goes back to MUSC to resume chemo right away. He is fighting very hard. Please also pray for his family as this would be heart-breaking to watch your little one go through all of this. This came from Donna Sapp
• Darla for Caroline Bunch, her brother was found dead. No details..
• Darla for Bobby and Melissa for on going illnesses.
• Darla for several unspoken.
• Betty Hamlett for Lindsey Finish who is doing very well in her new job, Betty asks for prayer that it continue.
• Bernard for Dawn Bankson who is ill.
• Doris Coffman for her sons James and Al and both their families,
• Dors Coffman for Aggie who is having issues with her left eye.
• Doris for DeeDee Partridge who is suffering with sleep deprivation.
• Tom has a spot on his bladder and is asking prayer for a good result from tests.
• Betty Hamlett asks prayer for Junior who is experiencing low back pain.
• Apryl for Frances Morgan that her tests next week go well.

Danny praises God that Aggie is hopefully over an episode of very bad headaches and dizziness due to her Lupus. 
• Betty Hamlett for her yearly eye exam being excellent.
• Doris Coffman praises God that Frank is doing well after a scare with episode while working in the yard. He was hospitalized over night. Lesotho her son James is doing well after surgery.
* Betty Hamlett praises that Nina Biagotti is doing great after stem cell transplant.
• Bonnie praises that her son Eric and his wife were able to come for a visit also that her daughter Emma got a job in Charleston as a nurse and as a nice apartment.
• Michelle for her mom Frances, that all tests from last week came back negative.
* Aggie gives praise that their son Kyle got his dream job in Charleston, S.C.
• Bernard had a good evening with Chris Swan working on a song. Chris seems tone doing much better.
• Horst Selent praises for the signs of spring.
• Roger gives praises that last Sunday, for the first time, he had all 8 of his grandchildren together.
• Darla praises that Dawn Pearson was able to be back with us.
• Dawn that God cares enough for her to give her a wake up call. God is so good.

PRAYER REQUESTS 03/17/2019 - 03/23/2019

• I just spoke with Doris Coffman, she has asked prayer for her daughter-in-law Mickie who has just had surgery and is not d going well. Doris' son James is sitting with Mickie 24/7 and he is not doing well either. He is to have surgery next Tuesday but their is something wrong with his blood work so he is waiting to see what will happen. Please give special attention and prayer to these needs.
• Betty Hamlett asked prayer for the David Smith family of the Tennessee church. David died this morning of pancreatic/liver cancer.
• Please continue in prayer for Marlene Tallie as she recovers from heart surgery, and Ronnie Tallie as he deals with plantar fasciitis.  
• Michelle Morgan prayers for her boss Jonathan Woody.
Bernard for his friend John Marsh.
• Aggie asks continued prayer for Eric Ledy.
Tom for wisdom to make good decisions regarding tests that were done this week.
• Roger for Darla's sister, Kelly.
• Freda for Bonnie who is still sick.
• Darla for a niece, Kristin who possibly has leukemia.
• Bernard to continue prayer for Chris Swan.


• Nina Biagiottti seems to be doing very well. She goes to the Outpatient Transplant Unit at the Cancer Institute every other day. Her doctor is please with her progress. We are told that the first 100 days are the most critical and she is on day 26. Her mom is doing better since Nina is no there to do so much for her. She is having to do on her own.
Roger praises for a week of sunshine.
• Betty Simmons praises that she was able talk with Paula Tuit and found her to be doing fine also that she gets to see Alex next weekend.