Takeout Edition

Sun June 28, 2020, 6 PM
Get your tickets right here starting at exactly 5 PM on Sunday June 21.    The 300 free tickets will be handed out on a first-come-first-served basis until they are gone.  Don't wait because they will go quickly.

Once again we are inviting 300 guests for our annual fabulous neighborhood dinner.  This time, rather than one very long table, we'll have many small tables in yards all over Upper Falls.

We'll make the dinner, you finish it off at home

Read about an earlier Feast here

Feast of The Falls - Takeout Edition  

This year we are re-imagining the Feast of the Falls so that we can celebrate Upper Falls together-apart.   Ticket holders will go by Dunn Gaherin's restaurant on Sunday afternoon June 28 from 2 - 5 PM and pick up their packaged, pre-prepared delicious dinners in a box for your whole family (see the menu here).  Each box will come with very simple instructions for preparation at home.  Have your table set in your front or back yard with your food ready to go at 6 PM.  Bring along either a computer or an FM radio.

At 6 PM, bells will begin ringing all over Upper Falls and  your hosts will welcome you via video on your computer and/or via 91.3 Radio Upper Falls, a station we'll set up for the evening.    Once dinner begins we'll play music for you via Upper Falls Radio. When its time for desert we'll invite any of the guests to call in and make "a toast to Upper Falls" that will be broadcast via computer and radio to all the guests in their yards.

We all owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to the Upper Falls CDC.  This year, and every year since the Feast began, the Upper Falls CDC has been the event's bedrock sponsor of the event.  Thanks for this and everything else the CDC does for Upper Falls.

We have lots more ideas in the works.  Get your tickets this Sunday June 21 at 5 PM and we'll let you in on the rest of the plans between now and the Feast on June 28.

Click here to see footage from the Flying Feast Cam at the 2015 Feast

Here's a few comments from previous guests about the Feast ...
"I've lived in Upper Falls for 30+ years. I have enjoyed so many points about this village. Last evening confirmed my desire to spend the rest of my days here."

"I don’t think I’ve been to a better event in all my life. Everything about it was outstanding, almost miraculous."

"Upper Falls came alive last night!"

"... the whole evening was unforgettable! This is community at its best."

"It was a magical joyous night in an amazing community .. t was an unforgettable privilege to be able to be a part of such an event"

"It was the best community event I’ve ever been to"

"The feast was fabulous!"

"Simply amazing! I am in awe of the entire event"

"There have been many wonderful moments in our over 42 years in NUF. This is right at the TOP! Thanks for refilling the glass of community spirit!"

"A screamin' huge thank you to all who made the Feast such a success"

"By far the best event of the year!!!
" - Anna Bulkin

"We could have easily have been in Tuscany or Provence as I imagine them both to be yet there we were right here in our own beloved backyard!!!!" - Nancy Peterson

"The Feast of the Falls was a wonderful event.  Special thanks for making this a very special evening." - Michael Penza

"We absolutely loved the feast, it was above and beyond what we imagined!" - Amanda Cole

"We had a great time being part of the party. What a special  event" - Mary & Jeff Brown

"Thank You!!!   We had so much fun!" - Heather Kraft

"The Feast of the Falls was a blast" - Linda Goetz

The Feast of the Falls is put together by the residents, the businesses, organizations of Upper Falls.  Local businesses and organizations have contributed generously both financially and with supplies.   An army of neighbors volunteer their time to put the whole production together - everything from setting the Feast up, checking guests in, working in the kitchen, serving the food, and tearing it all down at the end.  Our elected officials and small business owners pitch in waiting on the guests. 

It's a party by Upper Falls, for Upper Falls.

Many, many thanks go to all our sponsors.

The Upper Falls CDC generous sponsorship of the first Feast of the Falls was crucial and immensely appreciated.  Once again this year, the CDC is a major sponsor of the Feast of The Falls, as well as also sponsoring an array of other worthwhile Upper Falls projects throughout the year.

The Feast of the Falls welcomes Sysco as a major sponsor.  Sysco provided most of the delicious food served at this year's Feast

They've been fixing cars and pumping gas since the first cars began driving around Upper Falls.

They are our friendly neighborhood gas station and great mechanics to boot.  So give them your business and thank them for their sponsorship of the Feast of the Falls.

Elaine Construction does it all - construction management, general contracting, and project consulting.

This family run firm right here in Upper Falls is a great neighbor and great construction company.  Thanks to the Wexler family and Elaine Construction for their sponsorship of the 2014 Feast.

Where do you go for lighting fixtures or electrical supplies?  Where did we go when we needed 300 feet of heavy outdoor cabling on short notice?  Newton Electrical Supply.

They're right down the street and have a great selection of lighting and electrical fixtures.  When you're there, thank them for their sponsorship of the Feast ... and for setting us up with all that cable.

Like the CDC, the first Feast of the Falls would not have been possible without the support of the Tzu Chi Foundation on Summer St.  Tzu Chi prepared an entire alternate vegetarian  menu as well as being our 501(c) sponsor, and taking care of all permitting.  We're delighted that once again the Tzu Chi Foundation is back as a sponsor for the 3rd Feast.  The Tzu Chi Foundation is a relief organization that does amazing disaster relief work around the world

Evan Westrate has been a behind-the-scenes contributor from day one both financially, with his labor, and by creating the amazing Feast Fireflies

Christopher Osborn from Better Life Food is the Feast's chef and logistical mastermind.  Upper Falls based Better Life Food's is a major sponsor of the Feast and produces the event on the day.  If you see what they can do in Hemlock Gorge for 350 people, imagine what they can when catering your next party.

Seana Gaherin from Dunn Gaherins is the Feast's creator and visionary.  Dunn Gaherins is a major sponsor of the Feast.  Their staff works behind the scenes to deliver that fantastic Feast food to your plates.  Stop by Dunn Gaherins for a great meal at Newton's friendliest restaurant and thank Seana for making the Feast a new Upper Falls tradition.