Guest Instructions

Your Tickets - When you requested your tickets on-line or via the ticket auction, we sent you an email with your ticket numbers. IMPORTANT - Bring those numbers with you to the Feast. Those numbers are your tickets.

Eat, Sing, Play - If you play any (non-electric) instrument, please bring it with you to the Feast. We're not looking for professional musicians, we're looking to join with our friends and neighbors for some music at the end of dinner. If you know a few chords or can bang out a tune then please join in the fun. Do you have a "party piece" you could sing or play? Can you sing along on a chorus? Add a little harmony? Strum along when someone else is leading?

Bring your instrument and let's have some musical fun when dinner is over. We have a few invited guests who'll whip us all up to sing and play our hearts out.

Your Place Setting - Be sure to bring a nice plate, knife, fork, spoon, and unbreakable cup/mug/goblet for each member of your party. We will package them up for you to bring home. Please, no disposables plates and silverware.

Arrival Time - Plan to arrive at 5 - 5:15PM. If you cannot get there before 5:45PM it's very important that you let us know now. We will be handing out the tickets of "no shows" to people on the waiting list at 5:45. So long as we know that you are definitely coming we can hold your ticket beyond 5:45 if need be.

Looking Good - We're aiming for a fantastic, memorable event so look your best. Break out some clothes you would have a rare opportunity to wear - fancy, wild, formal, outrageous, fabulous.

Bring Your Wallet - We will be collecting donations at the event and we urge you to donate at least what you think the evening was worth to you. The donations will go to both local (Friends of Hemlock Gorge, Upper Falls Greenway) and global (Tzu Chi Disaster Relief) charities. So bring your wallet and we hope you donate generously.

Nice Night for a Walk - If at all possible, walk to the Feast rather than drive. The official entrance to The Feast of The Falls is via Echo Bridge. Contact us about handicap access

My Plans Changed - IMPORTANT - If for any reason you cannot use these tickets, please let us know so that we can pass them on to the next person on the very long waiting list.