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FBEC places great importance on the achievement and success for all students; we set high standards and motivate students to achieve their potential. Alongside academic achievement, there is a vast number of opportunities to develop personal and social skills. The school encourages positive attitudes and aims to provide an environment in which all learners feel valued, challenged and secure. In the face of an ever changing world students need to be given accurate up to date information, to help them make appropriate choices and increase their life chances.

The school fully recognises the importance of accurate and up to date Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG). The schools careers program is delivered across all year groups and is highlighted on the school’s website, with an extensive variety of supporting links. Careers assemblies take place from year 7 through to year 11, backed up by a comprehensive bespoke timetable especially at key transition points – Year 7 primary to secondary transition, Year 8 options and during KS4 to prevent under achievement and encourage appropriate post 16 transition.

The program is an individualised program for each year group which is timetabled and calendared to ensure careers activities are seen as an important parts of the whole school curriculum.

Careers lead

Miss C Hanson

01740 651554

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