Small Mamee (Saleema Aunty)

Sithy Saleema, affectionately known to al of the family as "Small Mamee", is the third child of Mohamed Sameer. She married M M Sheriff and has eight children of whom five are sons.

The oldest son, Uvais, settled down in the UK since the fifties and lives there with his family. He has a son, Damien Sheriff.

Marzook worked for Glaxo in Colombo and subsequently spent many long years with a shipping network in Athens before returning to Colombo. He is married to Fazlyn Mohamed from Galle and has a daughter, Shaheena and a son, Dr Asif.

Fahmy, the third son, spent a long career with National & Grindlays Bank in Colombo and is now attached to a private sector corporation in Sri Lanka. He married Noor Fathima Zahir, daughter of ILM Zahir, and sister of Fenuza Zahir (Sid's wife). They have three sons, Farhad, Firzan and Fazil, who were all educated at St Peter's College, Bambalapitiya.

Uvais, Marzook and Fahmy were educated at Hindu College in Clombo and Ratmalana and also represented their school at cricket. Uvais captained the First XI cricket team when Marzook also played under him.

The other two boys are Irfan and Haniffa (Mammanee) (one of a twin).

Of the girls, the oldest is Khairy fllowed by Sithy Faiza and Fathima Hanoon (Haniffa's twin). Fatrhima works for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has been osted overseas at several Sri Lanka Embassies, including Saudi Arabia and England.

Khairy is married to MJM Faizal and has a son, Mohamed Sameer Ferin, and a daughter, Sara. Faiza is married to Reza Shawket and has a son Shazil and a daughter Sameeha. Fathima is married to Shafiq and has two sons, Shazli and Isthiaq. 

Ferin is married to Rizaniya Moulana from Anderson Road, Kalubowila. Sarah is married to Hashwer Zarook and they have one daughter, Fathima Sumaiya.

Wedding of Ajmal Haniffa Sheriff, son of Haniffa & Zahra Sheriff - Mar 7 2012, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Ajmal Haniffa and bride with family members - Mar 7 2012, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Shazli Shafeeq's wedding in Colombo ast Hotel Sapphire Feb 14, 2010
Firzan Sheriff's Wedding in Colombo May 2010