2007 Bash

The Family Reunion Dinner - January 2007

2007, saw the coming together of the Sameer Family members at 298 in Bambalapitiya. The fiesta was organized by Shameema, Azra and their children with the able support of the rest of the great grandchildren of the Sameer family.

Of the older members of the family, Big Mamee, Chucha, Sithy Aunty, Khlaisa Aunty and Farook Uncle were present. Amongst the Sameer grandchildren were Siddiq, Fahmy, Fazli, Hamidullah, Moin, Falih joined by the two male great grand children Azad and Imran, the newly wed.

Amongst the Sameer granddaughters were Gigi, Fowzy, Sadoona, Honey, Azra and a whole host of great grandkids with their spouses and children.

A lavish dinner was served after which some games brought about laughter and entertainment to the gathering.

It was a lovely evening filled with great harmony and joy.

Plans are afoot to try and organize a days outing for the family sometime in the summer of 2007. God Willing!

Pics of the get together are shown here.

Fazli & Shirani were fortiunate to have been in Colombo and attended as well. Siddiq had just returned from Boston on that very day and was received by one and all with warmth and love.

The little ones must have been amazed to see such a vast crowd under one roof who were so closely linked by blood as such a gathering, usually, never happens unless there is a family wedding.

Gigi had just complketed her Iddah in December and was also present.


The boys at the dinner table, Fahmy's back in a blue shirt is nearest to the camera.

Hamidulla & fazli with Azad at the back left

Chucha & Khalisa Aunty

Shameema & hubby, Azra, Ayesha, Gigi & Falih