Jubail, the pearl of the Gulf

2007 July 12-20 - 2 weeks vacation in Jubail, KSA

Caves of Hofuf, Jebel Qarah, Al Hasa, KSA - 2007

Outside the Caves


One of the entrances to the Caves

Inside the Caves

 Where Ali Baba once hid his treasures

 The columns at the entrance

The Monolith with the Mobile Relay Tower in the background

Before departure at the entrance in front of the KIA Carnival

The causeway to Bahrain

Abdullah on the Jubail Cornice

The Causeway Mosque in the center

Sunset on the Arabian Gulf

Nadia & Maria seated at the Jubail Intercontinental Hotel Lobby

Jubail Intercontinental Corridor

Coffee break at the Jubail Intercontinental

Maria on the Cruise Ship on the Arabian Gulf

Abdullah on the Deck of the Cruise Ship

The Saudi side of the Causeway

Maria & Big Dad on the Causeway

Jubail Intercontinental Hotel foyer

Chinese Lunch in Jubail

AQ at the wheel

Mum at the wheel

Lonely Tables in the basement restaurant at the Jubail Intercontinental

Restaurant at Al Sharq Hotel

Jubail Intercontinental Parking

Al Sharq Hotel Jubail


Abdullah and the Arabian Gulf

More Cave pics from the inside

Jubail Town at Night

In the center of the Bahrain Causeway

Melina & the Arabian Gulf

Carrying the burden!

The Art of wind Erosion throughout eons of time

 Abdullah on the Bahrain Causeway

 Sharq Hotel foyer

 Breakfast Buffet at the Jubail Intercontinental Hotel

Speed boats on the Gulf

Cruising on the Arabian Gulf

 Jubail Intercontinental Hotel

 Crossing on the Bahrain Causeway

Hofuf Town with the Caves in the backdrop

Outside the Caves

The Caves in the backdrop

Entrance to one of the Caves

Entrance to the Caves

The Monolith outside the Cave entrance

The KIA Carnival outside the Caves

Abdullah on the Cruise ship on the Gulf

Center of Jubail Town, Dhow Roundabout

Abdullah taking the wheel of the Cruise Ship

Inside the Cruise Ship

Abdullah on the Cruise Ship

 Hofuf Town

Date Palms in Hofuf

More Date Farms

Restaurant in Jubail

Abdullah at the Jubail Intercontinental Hotel

The Bahrain Causeway

The Yacht Restaurant on the Jubail Corniche

Jubail Intercontinental Hotel

Abdullah at the Intercontinental

Jubail Intercontinental Breakfast Buffet spread

Jubail Intercontinental Restaurant