The following information has been collected from city directories and others who have submitted names of pastors as well.  This list is to help identify pastors and their churches in the Cleveland Ohio area and the times they served.

This is particularly helpful for genealogists when a marriage record is found that shows the pastor's name, but does not identify the church. If you can identify the church, perhaps they have old records to help in family research.
To the left you will see the link "Alphabetical Pastors."  Click there and use your browser FIND function to search for the pastor's name you are searching for.  Once you find the pastor, note the church that he served at and specifically the denomination.  Then, click on the link "Cleveland Individual Church Histories" on the left and first click on the denomination and then find the church.  There you will find historical information, a list of pastors who served there, and perhaps even a picture of it.  Not every pastor will appear in the Individual Church Histories page.  No guarantee of absolute accuracy can be given since the compilation of the pastor's names has been a joint effort.


Last Updated 25 January 2011

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New names and churches are always being accepted.  Thanks to any and  
all who contribute information.