The People behind Dear Nell


Kathleen McInerney (transcribed the Haven-Pugh letter collection, and authored Dear Nell) and John J. McInerney (Kathleen's father; rescued, preserved and researched the letters).
John J. McInerney, Jr., Kathleen's brother and Haven-Pugh family geneologist, photographer and contributor to Dear Nell. Carl Haven McInerney, Kathleen's brother. In the 1980's, Carl lived for a short time in La., where he researched the Pugh family and sent information to his father. His letters on the Pughs are included in Dear Nell.
Alyce Harris Rossow; Alice Pugh Stone's granddaughter; contributed photos used in Dear Nell. Alyce and husband Terry met Kathleen and John in 2009 at the Library Restaurant in Portsmouth, which was Woodbury Langdon's home in 1785.
Ellen Eustis Pugh, Ellen Eustis Haven Pugh's granddaughter and Kathleen's mother. Ellen Eustis Pugh, 1930s Regina Haven Pugh, Ellen Eustis Haven's granddaughter and Kathleen's aunt. Regina and Thomas Pugh. Thomas Pugh was Ellen Eustis Haven Pugh's youngest child, and Kathleen's grandfather. 
 The images on this page are not in Dear Nell