The Letters Speak, and Take You...

    • with Fanny and Ellen, each of whom takes different paths at a critical juncture in the country's history, just before the Civil War…you’ll feel the pain of their separation, and the strength of their love for one another.

    • with Ellen, who marries a scion of a plantation family…you’ll experience the hardship and heartbreak she suffered.

    • with Fanny, who remains unmarried in New York…you’ll cheer her on as she supports her sister throughout.

    • to a family divided, North and South; you’ll feel the impact of the Civil War on ordinary lives.

    • with the family whose love overrides regional, political and cultural differences to become a sustaining force.

    • to Louisiana, where you see the South's plantations as a failed economic model after the Civil War and Reconstruction, and the effects on a family that had relied upon that economy.

    • to the devastation and loss wrought by war, mental illness and premature death…you’ll experience the will to persevere.

    • to the natural resolution provided by the reuniting of the sisters later in life, for the rest of their lives, with Ellen’s children carrying on.