Personal & Research

JProf. Fani Lauermann, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology and Bonn Center for Teacher Education, University of Bonn, Germany ( Link )

Research Affiliate 
Achievement Research Lab, University of Michigan, USA ( Link )

Associate Editor
Learning and Instruction, 2018-2021 ( Link )

Elected Coordinator for EARLI SIG-08 "Motivation and Emotion," 2017-2020 
European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI) ( Link )

National Scientific Committee Member
EARLI 2019 Conference, Aachen, Germany, August 12-16, 2018 ( Link )

*** Recent & Upcoming Events ***
  • AERA 2018, New York: Symposium "A Decade of Teacher Motivation Research: Looking Back and Looking Forward"
    • Fri, April 13, 12:00 to 1:30pm, Millennium Broadway New York Times Square, Room 4.11
    • Chair: F. Lauermann; Presenting authors: R. Butler, H. Watt, P. Richardson, R. Klassen, F. Lauermann; Discussant: S. Karabenick
    • Link: 
  • AERA 2018, New York: Invited Speakers Session of the AERA-Motivation SIG "Challenging Motivation Theories: Invited Perspectives of Early Career Researchers"
    • Sat, April 14, 2:15 to 3:45pm, Millennium Broadway New York Times Square, Room 4.11
    • Chair: E. Usher; Presenting authors: D. Gray, F. Lauermann, C. Fong, E. Canning; Discussant: L. Linnenbrink-Garcia
    • Link:
  • AERA 2018, New York: Symposium "Cross-Domain Effects Across Math- and Language Arts-Related Expectancy-Value Beliefs and Their Implications: A Developmental Perspective"
    • Sun, April 15, 8:15 to 9:45am, Millennium Broadway New York Times Square, Seventh Floor, Room 7.02-7.03
    • Chair: F. Lauermann (Co-organizer R. Steinmayr); Presenting authors: A. Weidinger, R. Lazarides, H. Gaspard, F. Lauermann; Discussant: J. Möller
    • Link:
  • ICM 2018, Denmark: Individual Paper Presentation "Short-term changes in students’ expectancies, values, and performance in math-intensive courses"
    • 15-17 August 2018, Aarhus University, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark
    • Authors: D. Benden* & F. Lauermann
    • * Graduate Student
  • ICM 2018, Denmark: Symposium "The network approach in motivation research - psychological, social and similarity-based networks"
    • 15-17 August 2018, Aarhus University, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark
    • Chair: T. Peetsma; Discussant: F. Lauermann
  • ICM 2018, Denmark: Symposium "Motivation in teaching careers"
    • 15-17 August 2018, Aarhus University, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark
    • Chairs: B. Gniewosz & H. Watt; Discussant: F. Lauermann
  • ICM 2018, Denmark: Symposium "The Development of Math- and Language Arts-related Expectancy-Value Beliefs: Cross-Domain Analyses"
    • 15-17 August 2018, Aarhus University, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark
    • Chair: F. Lauermann; Presenting authors: A. Weidinger, R. Lazarides, H. Gaspard, J. ViljarantaDiscussant: S. Karabenick

University of Bonn, BZL, R 1.004
Poppelsdorfer Allee 15
53115 Bonn, Germany
+49 228 / 73 600 54

Office hours:
During the semester: Thursdays, 4-5pm [please register via email]

CV: Link to CV (09/2017)

  • Ph.D., Education & Psychology, University of Michigan, USA, 2008-2013
  • Diplom-Psychologist, University of Bonn, Germany, 2001-2006

Research Interests
I am interested in questions related to teacher and student motivation. I want to know: (a) what motivates students to seek high quality education, and (b) what motivates teachers to provide such education. I believe that both elements are necessary for producing high quality educational outcomes. For instance, I strive to understand the motivational underpinnings of teachers’ sense of responsibility for providing students with the best possible education. I am particularly interested in the conditions under which teachers are willing to accept personal responsibility for educational outcomes (such as student motivation and achievement), as well as in the implications of teacher responsibility for students’ academic success and for teachers’ professional lives. Student motivation is another area that I feel passionate about. In my current work, I am focusing on the motivational determinants of students' educational and occupational choices. This includes analyses of the reciprocal influences between educational and occupational goals, as well as analyses of the long-term implications of students' motivations for educational and career outcomes. 

Selected Publications
  • Kumar, R. & Lauermann, F. (2017). Pre-service teachers’ cultural beliefs and proposed instructional practices. American Educational Research Journal. doi: 10.3102/0002831217738508
  • Lauermann, F., Tsai, Y.-M., & Eccles, J. S. (2017). Math-related career aspirations and choices within Eccles et al. expectancy-value theory of achievement-related behaviors. Developmental Psychology. 10.1037/dev0000367
  • Praetorius, A.-K., Lauermann, F., Klassen, R.M., Dickhäuser, O., Janke, S., & Dresel, M. (2017). Analyzing the longitudinal relations between aspects of teacher motivation and teaching quality. Teaching and Teacher Education, 65, 241-254. DOI: 10.1016/j.tate.2017.03.023
  • Lauermann, F. (2017). Teacher motivation, responsibility, pedagogical knowledge and professionalism: A new era for research. In Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development [OECD] (Eds.) Teachers’ pedagogical knowledge and the teaching profession. OECD: Paris.
  • Lauermann, F., Eccles, J.S., & Pekrun, R. (2017). Why do children worry about their academic achievement? An expectancy-value perspective on elementary students’ worries about their mathematics and reading performance. ZDM Mathematics Education, 1-16. DOI : 10.1007/s11858-017-0832-1 ZDMI-D-16-00029.3
  • Matteucci, C.M., Guglielmi, D., Lauermann, F. (2017). Teachers’ sense of responsibility for educational outcomes and its associations with teachers’ instructional approaches and professional wellbeing. Social Psychology of Education. DOI :10.1007/s11218-017-9369-y
  • Lauermann, F., Karabenick, S.A., Carpenter R., & Kuusinen, C. (2017). Teacher motivation and professional commitment in the U.S.: The role of motivations for teaching, teacher self-efficacy and sense of professional responsibility. In H.M.G. Watt, P.W. Richardson, & K. Smith (Eds.), Why Teach? Antecedents and Consequences across Cultural Settings. Cambridge University Press.
  • Lauermann, F. & König, J. (2016). Teachers’ professional competencies and wellbeing: Understanding the links between general pedagogical knowledge, self‐efficacy and burnout. Learning and Instruction, 45, 9‐19. doi:10.1016/j.learninstruc.2016.06.006
  • Lauermann, F., Chow, A., & Eccles, J.S. (2015). Differential effects of adolescents’ expectancy and value beliefs about math and English on math/science-related and human services-related career plans. International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology, 7(2), 205-228. URL:     (invited paper for a special issue)
  • Lauermann, F. (2015). Teacher motivation and its implications for the instructional process: Technical report and recommendations for an international large-scale assessment of teachers’ knowledge and professional competencies. Technical paper prepared for the OECD Innovative Teaching for Effective Learning (ITEL) – Phase II Project: A Survey to Profile the Pedagogical Knowledge in the Teaching Profession (ITEL Teacher Knowledge Survey). OECD: Paris.
  • Matthews, J. S., Banerjee, M. & Lauermann, F. (2014). Academic identity formation and motivation among ethnic minority youth: The role of the “self” between internal and external perceptions of identity. Child Development, 85(6), 2355–2373. doi: 10.1111/cdev.12318
  • Lauermann, F. & Karabenick, S.A. (2014). Teacher responsibility: What does it mean for teachers’ motivation and emotions? In P.W. Richardson, S.A. Karabenick, & H.M.G. Watt (Eds.), Teacher Motivation: Theory and Practice. NY: Routledge.
  • Lauermann, F. (2014). Teacher responsibility from the teacher’s perspective. International Journal of Educational Research, 65, 75–89. doi: 10.1016/j.ijer.2013.09.005
  • Lauermann, F., & Karabenick, S. A. (2013). The meaning and measure of teachers’ sense of responsibility for educational outcomes. Teaching and Teacher Education, 30(1), 13-26. doi:
  • Lauermann, F. (2012). To go or not to go: The decision to pursue post-secondary education abroad. In S. A. Karabenick & T. Urdan (Eds.), Transitions Across Schools and Cultures. Advances in Motivation and Achievement (Vol. 17, pp. 177-204). U.S.: Emerald Group Publishing.
  • Lauermann, F. & Karabenick, S.A. (2011). Taking responsibility into account(ability): Explicating its multiple components and theoretical status. Educational Psychologist, 46(2), 122-140.
  • Zhang, L., Karabenick, S.A., Maruno, S. & Lauermann, F. (2011). Academic delay of gratification and children’s study time allocation as a function of proximity to consequential academic goals. Learning and Instruction, 21(1), 77-94.