INRAE research scientist (DR1)

PhD in Computer Science, Habitation (HDR)

Director of MetaboHUB

Metabolomics Society secretary


INRAE UMR1331 Toxalim

180 chemin de Tournefeuille St-Martin-du-Touch

BP 3 31931 TOULOUSE CEDEX France

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Mail: Fabien.Jourdan-at-inrae.fr

Tel - +33 (0)5 82 06 63 95 -

 Orcid: orcid.org/0000-0001-9401-2894

Site: http://sites.google.com/site/fabienjourdan/

twitter: @metexplore

Research interests

Food toxicology: some food contaminants, like Bipshenol A, may have impact on Human Health. Our aim is to study potential metabolic effects according to different doses and during critical Human development phases (e.g. pregnancy).

Bioinformatics: developing methods to study genome-scale metabolic networks. These approaches are mainly based on graph models and constraint based models (e.g. FBA). The aim is to use experimental data like metabolomics ones in order to retrieve parts of the organism metabolism affected by genetic or environmental perturbations.

Keywords: metabolic networks, metabolomics, information visualization, food toxicology


1 Toxalim (Research Centre in Food Toxicology), Université de Toulouse, INRAE, ENVT, INP-Purpan, UPS, Toulouse, France

2 MetaboHUB-Metatoul, National Infrastructure of Metabolomics and Fluxomics, Toulouse, France 


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