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The Lighthouse Pier

I stood at the lakeshore,
Looking out from the lighthouse pier,
And I saw a raging battle there.
The wind and the waves,
Making war upon the pier head.
The water rose and fell,
And crashed against the rocks,
While the wind blew in,
Lending power to the waves.
Yet the pier head was not moved.
I cheered my lighthouse pier.
My immovable stronghold.
I yelled to the wind and water,
"Do you not know your folly?"
But they did not withdraw.
Their wrath turned to me.
Rolling rows of foamy white teeth,
Set upon suffocating jaws.
And the wind battered me,
With invisible arms.
"I am Man", I said,
"And you are creation.
Do you not remember?
I have dominion over you.
I tell you: Be still and obey."
The waves hissed with disgust,
And the wind roared with disdain,
"Brothers are we unstoppable forces.
You see the pier stand against us,
But you fail to see that it holds us not.
"Go back to your shore foolish Man.
And pray the sand does not take you.
You once had freedom and power,
And we were your subjects.
Now the tables are turned.
"It is you who have forgotten,
For the many years that have passed.
You laid down dominion,
And are now fallen,
Fallen into our will.
Now the lighthouse looked alone,
Abandoned in its fight.
I could've been its comrade.
I would've prevailed with it,
Had I still my given glory.
Copyright 2007