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The Autumn Tree

I stood before a tree, brilliant in its autumn array,

reflecting the sun's light with a spectrum of vivid

colors. I approached, desiring to capture a sample

of its beauty, and took a leaf.

Studying my prize closely, I realized that it was

actually rather dull, and lacked the stunning colors

of the tree, as though my leaf was a bulb removed

from a string of lights.

I held the leaf high against the crystal blue where the

sunlight caught it. It shimmered with a beauty of its

own, but it could not match the majesty of the tree.

I turned back and there it stood, still glowing like

a beacon.

I wondered how this unspectacular leaf, and all the

imperfect others like it, could produce such

magnificence simply through community.

I dreamed I was a leaf, surrounded by others like me,

yet each of us different than any other. Together we

adorned a tree. And when the face of the sun shone

upon us, our imperfections faded, and we gleamed and

dazzled with color and brilliance as though we were

the very sun itself.
Copyright 2004