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A Walk in the Woods

I went for a walk in the woods,

to see if I could hear the voice of God.

But all I heard was the water falling,

over stones in a stream.

Soft cool water that sustains all life,

yet shapes the hardest of stone,

wearing away the jagged edges.

Hush, you running water,

that I might hear his voice!

I went into the woods,

to see if God was walking there.

But I saw only the rustling leaves,

that paint the world with color,

and fall to the ground,

where they nourish the earth,

from which life then grows.

Hush, you rustling leaves,

that I might hear him pass!

I went into the fields to find the face of God.

But I saw only the stars wheeling in the heavens,

arranged in pictures and telling a story,

Some shoot across the sky,

in a streaming blaze of glory.

All of them too far to ever reach.

Be still, you dancing stars,

that I might see him!

I stood on a hill to be embraced by God.

But all I felt was the wind rushing about me,

that drives the clouds across the sky,

and brings us the seasons in their time,

that sweeps away the mess,

and brings me a sweet fragrance.

Be calm, you rushing wind,

that I might feel him!

I'm told that all creation bears witness,

to the One who has made it all.

The water, the leaves, the stars and wind.

And if you listen and look and feel with patience,

you will find Him still.

If I keep trying,

I know one day I will.
Copyright 2004