Fundamentals of Educational Technology Leadership

Featured below are assignments that I have completed for the following courses: EDTC 801 Summer Institute I, EDTC 802 Principles of Educational Technology Leadership, EDTC 804 Global Issues in Educational Technology Leadership, EDTC 813 Advanced Using Integrated Software across the Curriculum, EDTC 815 Administration and Supervision of Technology in Educational Settings and EDTC 812 Teaching in the Adult Learning Environment.

EDTC 801-Summer Institute I

Project 1: Cohort V Showcase

The linked showcase was completed by Cohort V to demonstrate our individual and collective interests in the field of educational technology. As this was a group endeavor, it is indicative our ability to work together as a cohesive community, which were the first stepping stones in our becoming a true community of practice. 

Project 2: Individual Contribution

This is my individual contribution to my cohort's presentation of our website. As a community of practice we learn through our experiences with one another, and in this assignment, I reflect on my experience of acting within the capacity of a leader. Based on what I learned through this experience, I have grown, and thus, have greater mobility within the domain of leadership.  

Project 3: Digital Portfolio

This website is a cumulative showcase of the work that I have done as a doctoral candidate for educational technology leadership. 

Project 4: Professional Growth Plan (PGP)

This is a link to my PGP, in which I outline long and short-term goals. I have also created a year to year itinerary of activities to participate in, in order to accomplish these goals. 

EDTC 802-Principles of Ed Tech Leadership

Project 1: Leadership Style Presentation

This was a presentation given in which I partnered with one of my cohort members, effectively taking leadership roles to present upon leadership styles, their benefits and caveats associated with them. The handout that outlines what was presented upon is linked. 

Project 2: Technology Use Proposal

In this assignment, I discuss and propose uses for 3D printing, as they pertain to instruction in mathematics classes. 

Project 3: Background Research Paper

This assignment acclimated me to the process of engaging as I wrote a literature review, which is an essential component to research. In this paper, I conduct a literature review of the uses of 3D printing, in order to justify a need to conduct further research on the matter. 

EDTC 804-Global Issues in Ed Tech Leadership

Project 1: Mapping out Issues in Education Across the Globe

This project allowed me to explore the common issues that educational institutions encounter across the globe. Relevant online articles were linked to the associated area on a Google map, and a hashtag was created to describe the commonalities among the issues described in the articles. 

Project 2: Literature Review

In this assignment, I conducted research on matters regarding educational technology within a global context, citing use of Information Communications Technology (ICT) as complicating factor and simultaneous solution to problems endured by educational institution across the world. 

Project 3: Course Proposal

This project was a group endeavor, in which two fellow cohort members and I designed a proposal for a course, the rationale for which was justified by a need for the skills taught within the course, which has been created by global markets. 

EDTC 813-Advanced Using Integrated Software Across the Curriculum

Project 1: Design a Themed Escape Room

In this project, design principles are explored and applied to create a hypothetical themed escape room, which is to be used for educational purposes. 

Project 2: Creating Meaningful Learning Environments with Technology 

This was a group project in which my group and I worked collaboratively to apply the principles of Bers's concept of "Digital Technology for Positive Youth Development" to a particular school district's technology plan. This project encouraged critical thought about Bers's ideas, within the context of of educators' professional duties, regarding technology implementation. 

Project 3: Blended Learning

This project synthesizes the readings for this course, as the concepts found therein, such as disruptive innovations, were used to create a guide for blended learning that both teachers and administrators could use. This was also a group endeavor. 

Project 4: Systems Thinking as a Theoretical Lens

Senge's The Fifth Discipline acted as a lens through which the ideas found in either Bers or Staker's texts were analyzed and scrutinized. This was done as a Youtube video and was added to my repertoire of Youtube videos on my Youtube page, which is dedicated to systemic use of technology in education. 

EDTC 815: Advanced Administration and Supervision of Technology in Educational Settings

Project 1: Administration and Supervision of a Planned Growth Program 

This project was a group endeavor in which doctoral candidates had to research on the school laws pertaining to a particular school's district and the mission of said district's technology program. A vision for the technology program for three new hypothetical schools had to be developed, and a process through which this vision would be carried out was created. 

Project 2: Hiring Three Technology Coordinators

This assignment required doctoral candidates to conduct research on the job requirements of technology coordinators, subsequently writing a job description and manual for three hypothetical positions that would need to be filled for the hypothetical schools in the previous project. 

Project 3: Technology Implementation Plan

This project involved the selection of technologies to enhance achievement in either mathematics or language arts. 

Project 4: Designing a Professional Development Experience Demonstrating and Exemplifying Your Role as School Leader

This project involved the design of a professional development program that would encourage use of  a hypothetical LMS that is being underutilized in a hypothetical school.