Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

· This site makes use of data storage through Google analytics using cookies.

· The data stored on the Google servers is used to identify areas for improvement and marketing strategies to improve service.

· The data accessed by explosive education is solely stored on the Google servers and is not personally identifiable. It is never passed by us onto third parties.

Examples of the data that we may look at are:

· geographical location

· browser type

· interests (based on your existing Google search preferences)

· Broad demographics.

This data is automatically deleted after 14 months.

You can opt out from this by adjusting your browser settings and deleting cookies. And the use of Ads Settings, Ad Settings for mobile apps, or any other available means (for example, the NAI's consumer opt-out).

Emails for enquiry

These are deleted after use unless you have requested email updates on products. In which case you email will be stored, currently by a subsidiary of 1&1 who should also be complying with GDPR.

If needed your email address may be stored on a real world encrypted drive.

Emails for business transactions and invoices

Due to UK tax law, we must retain this information for 6 years; however your data which may contain, Email, address name and other personal details will be stored on an encrypted drive locked in the workshop.

Data release

Your data will never be knowingly passed on to a commercial third party, However If requested by the police or other official government organisation we may have to surrender your data, but take heart in the fact that we don't actually store anything of great importance.

So... to summarise in English.

· Unless you ask us to (and why would you) we won't send you emails.

· Your email stuff is held by 1&1 who have to apply with GDPR

· Your browsing data is used by us to work out where we could do better, it's all done by the magic of Google and we just see some pretty graphs, so unless you are uniquely identifiable the only human who likes running and lives in the south of England then I guess you are safe. You can adjust your browser settings anyway to hide the fact that you visited a site to do with electronics and education.

· We don't pass your data to third parties because we: a) are not evil, b) have better things to do and c) are busy. Unless we get a scary letter from the government and then we may have to.

· If you buy stuff from us or we need to invoice you, we do need your personal details but at the end of the day your data is thrown into a bottomless file encrypted with nerd magic and ignored for 6 years.

· If you requested information from us or regular updates, then we will send out the occasional email not one every day because we hate spam too. You can always ask us to stop sending you stuff.

· If you pay for things through PayPal... They have to apply GDPR policy and we don't store any of that.