science and engineering workshops

Explosive Education provides a range of science, engineering and electronics based workshops to delight educate and inspire. Each workshop is designed to introduce complex topics in an exciting and hands on way. Whether it is using programming and electronics to design and build laser tag equipment or exploring fast moving projectiles to discover trigonometry and working with complex data, each workshop is designed to inspire creativity through science.

Laser Tag

Some of our most popular courses are based around the programming of laser tag equipment. Over the last 5 years Explosive Education has developed as series of workshops to teach programming in an exciting, easy to remember way. We have developed our own electronic kits to teach a variety of topics including:

  • programming in C++
  • Computer aided design and manufacture.
  • Working with CNC milling machines, 3d printers and laser cutters
  • game theory and design
  • electronics design and manufacture
  • game design processes
  • collaborating on a project
  • using creativity in engineering.
  • software and resources to take away.

With a range of different level courses available and resources that allow the students to expand on their skills, these cross curricular courses combine technology and fun.

Young inventors

An Excellent introduction to computer aided design, manufacture and electronics as your young inventors design their very own one string, diatonic, electric guitar that any one can play.

  • Introduction to 2d and 3d Computer aided design
  • Computer aided design and manufacture.
  • Working with 3d printers and laser cutters
  • physics of sound and harmonics
  • electronics theory, identification and assembly
  • collaborating on a project
  • using creativity in engineering.

Space TECH

See if you can pit your wits to overcome some of the challenges in surviving in space. During this course you'll have to design and test sections of a space suit to complete destruction to see if it will survive the infinite void.

  • Building co2 scrubbers
  • Test materials to destruction to choose your layers
  • Discover the deadly dangers outside a spacecraft and design experiments to test your new equipment.
  • Try on a cosmonaut training helmet and a real pressure suit .
  • Be responsible for your own high tech experiments.
  • Activities and resources to take away.

Flash of genius

Step back to the Victorian era and join the race to build a telegraph from scratch. If you are going to win the patent you are going to have to learn from your experiments the information you need to succeed. Messy, sparky and puzzling experiments await as you design and perform real experiments to decide on your design. You will be working out different methods of generating electricity, building electromagnets, reinventing the lightbulb (literally) and maybe even learning to braze and solder as you experiment with steam power.


Who doesn't love projectiles and big bangs? With On Target, you can explore the tricky world of trajectories, projectiles and forces. This course lets you get stuck in to massive experiments as you try to compare real world data with a range or pure mathematical predictions that you will create.

You will fire long range projectiles, explore the awesome power of gunpowder, be responsible for working in a team to run the experiments that you design to create enough information to solve your final challenge.... Launching projectiles at your instructor.

Online presentation of students work and photographs

Where possible, we allow students to post their work on-line. This allows them to properly summarise their experiences and allows them to access their work at a later date.

If the work doesn't warrant writing text then we allow students to take, choose and upload photographs to show their friends back home what they got up to.

During each workshop, photographs are only taken of students, whose guardians have signed the release forms.