Historical Activities

Explosive Education offers an number of stock displays and activities for museums and events.

They all come with first of third person Live interpretation, insurance, risk assessments and a genuinely memorable experience for the public.

But that needn't restrict your choices. With a myriad of props, equipment and working knowledge of skills long past you can have the demonstration you want.

Previous Clients include, Historic Royal Palaces, Lulworth Castle, Historic Scotland, Christchurch Arts Council, Banardo's, Ellesmere Port and Jersey Heritage.

"I thought it was amazing"

Live interpretation manager, Historic Royal Palaces.

17th century

  • Meet a musketeer of The English Civil War and undertake training as you get ready to face the enemy. With plenty of interactive activities, talks and demonstrations to choose from, you will be able to fully immerse yourself in the life of a 17th century soldier.
  • Pike drill
  • surgery and medicine
  • gunpowder and explosives
  • Musketry
  • Drums and signalling
  • Music and dance
  • cooking and food

Medieval to Elizabethan

Whether early or late medieval, Explosive Education can offer a wide range of activities and performances to suit you.

  • Sword skills and demonstrations
  • Surgery and medicine
  • Illumination, calligraphy and religion
  • Music and dance
  • Archery
  • Artefact handling
  • Manners and meals
  • Brewing

Support displays

  • Explosive Education can produce a wide range of interactive displays and props to enhance your event. It's not just physical props that can be created. explosive education uses cnc machines, laser cutters, custom electronics design, in house engineers and programmers to create support displays to suit your needs.
  • Here are just a few of the things produced over the past year alone.
  • Medieval ovens
  • Brewing equipment
  • Medieval and tudor games
  • Electronic interactive cannon drill
  • Stand alone musket drill
  • Corfe castle temporary signage
  • Have a go musket range
  • Have a go crossbow range
  • Find the bullet and try suturing activity
  • Become a civil war drummer display
  • WW1 trench construction, sound effects and set dressing.

From the public's perspective

Pictures and words can only go to show you so much, so here is a video sent to us by a family visiting a historical education event designed and arranged by Explosive Education for the National Trust.


Book a visit from John Silver and discover real piracy at its best.

There are a range of hands on activities, demonstration and talks available. These include the ever popular boarders away show that sees members of the public taken on a fast paced training course in pirate history tactics and

  • techniques.Some of the activities available:Rope making
  • Musket ball making
  • Surgery demonstrations
  • Real 18th century sword techniques
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Making quills and writing with them (loved by all ages)
  • and much more.