Demonstrations and Displays

Explosive Education offers an number  of stock displays and activities for museums and events.
They all come with first of third person Live interpretation, insurance, risk assessments and a genuinely memorable experience for the public.

But that needn't restrict your choices. With a myriad of props, equipment and working knowledge of skills long past you can have the demonstration you want.

Previous Clients include, Historic Royal Palaces, Lulworth Castle, Historic Scotland, Christchurch Arts Council, Banardo's, Ellesmere Port and Jersey Heritage.

"I thought it was amazing"
Live interpretation manager, Historic Royal Palaces.

Victorian and Edwardian Photography
Real period photographs taken while you wait! using antique equipment ranging from stunning brass and wood cameras to antique plates and flash guns.  A real crowd puller. With plenty of opportunities for the public to assist in the process and see their portrait be produced on the spot.
see Antique Photography for more details.

Book a visit from John Silver and discover real piracy at its best.
There are a range of hands on activities, demonstration and talks available. These include  the ever popular boarders away show that sees members of the public taken on a fast paced training course in pirate history tactics and

Some of the activities available:
  • Rope making
  • Musket ball making
  • Surgery demonstrations
  • Real 18th century sword techniques
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Making quills and writing with them (loved by all ages)
  • and much more.

Mr Cripps the surgeon

Most surgeons and doctors of the 18th and early 19th centuries set up shop in taverns. Mr. Cripps is no different. Representing the lower end of the surgery market Mr. Cripps provides cut price medicine to those who  can't afford a hospital.
Based on real surgery and medical techniques, These displays will find your visitors both young and old alike both laugh and squirm as different treatments and operations are performed on them.  Using Ingenious props, prosthetic limbs, terrifying tools and a rather terrifying box of teeth the visitors will get really stuck in. They will be able to help out as both assistants and patients.
Click here to see a slideshow of an operation in progress.

The Rocket Man

Fun for all the family with a range of workshops ranging from have a go booths to full tuition allow your visitors to build and fly their very own rockets. They'll be amazed to see them fly so high launched from a real mad science launcher built from hardwood, brass and steam engine parts.

General historical interpretation
Explosive Education is often booked for Live interpretation events. From smuggling tours of historic houses to representing magistrates and characters in the heart of London. No challenge is too great. Armed with real period skills such as using flint and steel firelighters, using quills and ink, working with Victorian technology and  18th century etiquette Live interpretation is brought to life for all ages.

Magic Lantern Shows
One of the most popular entertainments of the Victorian Age, lovingly recreated for modern audiences...... a must book event.
Click here for more details.

Edwardian Cinema and film making
The magic of the silver screen, the flicker and hum of the projector brought to audiences and eveents across the UK.
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"I thought the Cinema was amazing"........ Historic Royal Palaces

Medieval crafts

A range of medieval crafts including Illumination, alchemy, science, Gilding, archery, pewter casting and storytelling as booked by Corfe Castle. Plus hands on workshops in building siege engines andd practical medieval skills.