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Shaiya Exile is like no other Shaiya server!
Over the past 8 years it has been customized to be unique and fun for all
Shaiya Exile was launched in May 2010 and still going strong and growing. We are an EP4.5 Modified server with lots of added features.
This server was originally modified and secured by the well known Shaiya developer  Lilprohacker.

Server Info

(make sure you visit the Exile Guide to help you get started right)

  • Hard Mode so no Resurrection Rune needed - all skills unlocked (+11 stat points per level)
  • Do not need Resurrection Runes, Prevent Item Drop or Eternal Endurance
  • DDOS protected server by Hyperfilter
  • Get FREE Goddess Level II gear, Pre ele Hellfire/BlackIce weapons and starter accessories with each NEW 60 toon
  • Free level 55 gear, pre ele weapon and starter accessories on toon when you create it
  • Level 15 gets free gear already enchanted to max when you make 15 character
  • Choose your starting level - 15, 30, 55, 60
  • Customized Skills for every class. For example: Priests / Oracle have Etain Shield and the Archers / Hunters Rapid Shot is an AOE
  • All Characters have the Resurrection Skill
  • Customized Web Mall:
  • Buy lapises, lapisia and much more with EP (Exile Points)
  • Donation items with Credit Coins (CC)
  • EP (Exile Points) coins drop in game, and can be obtained by voting for server
  • That means you don't always have to donate!
  • Special Exile lapises that all players have the ability to obtain - with awesome stats
Bag's and Rewards
  • Fortune Bags Level 1 drops items that level 15 players need to help them for PvP
  •  Fortune Bag Level 4 drops items that level  55 and 60need to  get ready for PvP
  • Fortune Bag Level 5 drops a lot of goody's to boost your ego as well as your stats for PvP
  • Exile Vote Reward Bags - Obtain 2 bags every 12 hours just for voting for Exile:
  • You will get one of these items per Vote Bag: 1 Credit Coin, 3days BFR OR  Stat Rune 

  • Collect Letter Boxes that drop from Fortune Bags, Vote Bags and Treasure Chest:
     (collect letters that spell SHAIYA and get  2k EP!)

           Exile's PvP Rewards   
     PVP REWARDS -  Level 60

    1. Amulet of Hero's - Obtain at 400K kills
    2. Ring of Hero's - Obtain at 600K kills
    3. Loop of Hero's - Obtain at 800K kills
    4. Cape of Hero's - Obtain at 1million kills
    5. 1.5 million - Hero Accessory of choice
    6. 2 million - Hero Accessory of choice
    7. 2.5 million - Custom Weapon created by Admin
    8. 3 Million - Donation Level 60 Promo Option 2
     PVP REWARDS -  Level 55

    Coming Soon
    PVP REWARDS -  Level 30

    Coming Soon
     PVP REWARDS -  Level 15

    Coming Soon
                                                          1st Union of Fury to hit max rank                                           1st Alliance of Light to hit Max Rank

Other Server Info

  • Gears and weapons DO NOT break if you fail to link or extract, however your lapis can break
  • Blitz Hammer with 100% of linking without breaking your lapis
     and Bowtox Hammer if you want to extract a lapis without risking breaking it
  • Database is Backup every hour, so you can be sure your hard work will never be lost
  • Operators Exclusive Hammers give up to 37% linking chance
  • Rank Share all of your toons that are same level and on same account (only available for level 55 or 60 toons)
  • New EP 5.4 Maps with 6 Bosses in Kanos
  • Repeatable Queen Quest that gives you: Weapon or Armor Fusion Token, and The Exiled Lapis +60 on every stat
  • Instant Donation – When you donate – you get your points and / or items, instantly! No GM needed!
  • Exclusive farming area's for growing toons!
  • PR/VR, Stigma/AZ, EC, RC
  • 4 level's of PvP available 15, 30, 55 and 60 PvP
  • Cross faction trading, whisper, inspect, works in Auction House
  • Area Chat can be seen by both factions in Auction House
  • Active PVP
  • Ton's of events with active friendly staff – The GS's and GM's actually care, and they are here to assist you

And much much more.....

If there is any queries you may have, or want to send a ticket use the contact button or the ticket box on the left of the web page or email us at


Shaiya Exile Staff


Feel free to  contact the Admins on Skype:

[Admin]Blitz  Skype= robranger714            [Admin]Bowtox  Skype= yunas_kiss            [Admin]Pure   Skype= talk2pure        [Admin]L.A   Skype= only1-l.a-      [Admin]Off_Hell  Skype= nalog8

You are also Welcome to join us at the Official Shaiya Exile discord server :