About Us

Alberto Borsetta is a problem solver, in fact he has begun to develop FormScanner to solve the problem of assessing his wife's students' exams.  Alberto is the main FormScanner developer and also a Senior Analyst and Java Developer for an Italian software house.

Chad Young became enamored with his department's new photocopier, which was also a scanner.  Chad thought there must be a way to use this new gadget to scan and grade student's bubble forms.  He sought out Alberto to use FormScanner.  Chad is an astronomer who studies low-mass star formation and an associate professor of physics at Nicholls State University

Glenn Lo is a master of Excel and experienced in analyzing assessment data.  He wrote the macro to analyze students' scores.  He is a physical chemist and professor of chemistry at Nicholls.

Kaisa Young is a trusting person;  she willingly handed over her hundred students' exams to be scored by FormScanner.  She was able to score all of them, without any help or prior experience, in under 5 minutes.  She is the resident guinea pig, an astronomer who studies low-mass star formation, and an assistant professor of physics at Nicholls.